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Texas Cops Who Arrested Beto for DWI in 1998 Say He Did Try to Flee the Scene

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During Robert “Beto” O’Rourke’s failed Texas senate campaign last year, he had to answer some uncomfortable questions about his 1998 DWI. He admitted to driving drunk and causing a crash when he was a mere lad of 26 years, but he insisted he didn’t try to flee the scene. That pesky little scandal has been on the back burner since Beto broke his “definitive” promise that he wasn’t running for president in 2020. But the initial wave of Betomania has receded, and his newsroom constituency is now infatuated with Mayor Pete. So the heat is back on.

Jay Root, Texas Tribune:

The former [Anthony, TX] police officer who arrested Beto O’Rourke for driving drunk in 1998, along with the sergeant who signed the incident report, both say they believe now what they reported at the time: that O’Rourke tried to leave the scene of the wreck he caused…

“I believe we have contradicting stories here,” said [investigating officer Richard] Carrera, who arrested the 26-year-old O’Rourke and took him to a police station to undergo a breath test. “I stand by my report.”

Carrera, 49, said after reading the police report, in which an unnamed witness claimed O’Rourke tried to flee in his Volvo, he has “no doubt that he tried to leave the scene.”

Beto’s BAC was only .134, so I’m sure he has a clearer memory of the event than the police officers who have no reason to lie.


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  1. 1998. I don’t care.

    Sounds like some digging leftists are prone to. Don’t do that.

    If he butt raped a Scout Master and decapitated him to shut him up, that matters. This don’t. Drop it.

    You go after shit like this, sounds like you’re scared of him. Wrong message.

  2. @lowell I agree with you. At this point we should sit back and enjoy watching democrats disembowel each other on the public stage. What we are rooting for is for the weakest candidate to emerge as the nominee.
    C’mon dems. You’re all stupid. Give us your dumbest weirdo to challenge Donald Trump.

  3. @PHenry – yes… disemboweling each other. That’s the Democrat Party.

    I have a more piquant catchphrase. It’s like watching a disemboweled Hyena snapping at its own entrails. I think I have a pic around here…

  4. One of the many comments on this article was that Beto “looks like Robert, drives like Teddy.” Have to admit that I liked that one. Robert Frances O’Rourke promised the voters in Texas that he would not run for the Presidency in 2020,so he lies like both Clintons.


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