Thanks To POTUS, The 9th Circuit Is Approaching the flipping point

Trump continues conquest of 9th Circuit with two new nominations.

Donald Trump recently celebrated a milestone — 150 federal court judges confirmed, including 43 Appeals Court judges.

Legal Insurrection:  Liberals were late to wake up to the fact that while they were obsessing over supposed Russia collusion, Trump was reshaping the federal judiciary for a generation.

The notoriously liberal Ninth Circuit has not yet flipped, with 16 Democrat-nominated and 12-Republican nominated Judges, but it’s getting there with two new nominations, including one opposed by California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris.  read more

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  1. While all we hear is Russia, Russia, Russia, President Trump is working on a just nation.
    Let’s get rid of the two tier justice system.

  2. This is really fascinating to me. There could be YUGE changes ahead for the Left Coast. One of which is the so-called homelessness problem. Which exists primarily due to the decision by the 9th Circus Court to allow people to camp on “public” property. I’ve mentioned this before. BUT, now Trump is proposing to go after San Francisco homelessness as an ENVIRONMENTAL catastrophe! Hopefully the same in all the Libtard cities. What will they do now? Stand up for pollution? Contamination of our pristine waterways? HAH! So now Trump has boxed them in. Our local “Homeless Charity” took in over $100 MILLION dollars last year and the problem is only getting worse. We can clean up this mess with more lawfare now. A re-constituted 9th Circuit may take down the ruling that caused the problem. We can only hope. Folks can get ready to sue on environmental degradation grounds. This could be big.

  3. Thank you to whoever killed the “blue slip” BS – the 9th used to be the Boxer-Feinstein court, no longer. I wonder if Di or Kamala even bothered with any input on Trump’s nominations

  4. It is indeed sweet to contemplate the absolute lazy ass failure the magic negro was, and with every new conservative nomination of a young judge judicial activism bites the dust. The stupid bastards thought she never lose…

    Soros may be able to finance thousands of commie DA’s but the Judges who rule over them will all be due to Trumpus Maximus, delicious…


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