1,200+ people join teen’s pledge to abstain from having children until climate change is tackled


More than 1,000 people have joined a Canadian teenager’s pledge to not have children until world governments take climate change more seriously.

As of this writing, 1,270 people have signed a petition agreeing to the following condition: “I pledge not to have children until I believe the government has done enough to ensure a safe future.”

The movement — dubbed #NoFutureNoChildren — was started by Emma Lim, an 18-year-old McGill University student who said she has “always wanted to be a mom, for as long as I can remember.”

“But I will not bring a child into a world where they will not be safe. I would like to see the government develop a comprehensive plan to stay below 1.5 degrees [Celsius] of warming,” she said to Insider, referring to a United Nations report finding the Earth’s temperature has raised 1 degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit) since the 18th century.

On the pledge’s website, Ms. Lim wrote: “I am facing a future of economic instability, of food scarcity and extreme weather. What if I have to sacrifice my child’s education to pay for a new house? What if my house becomes uninsurable? What if I have to pay for clean water? What if my city becomes unsafe and I have to flee or if my baby is sick, but the hospitals are overflowing with people fleeing worse conditions?? For many people these fears are already reality.”


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30 Comments on 1,200+ people join teen’s pledge to abstain from having children until climate change is tackled

  1. I did the same thing in the sixties. But it was because the Russian threat of nuclear war was real. Put that in your pipe and smoke it kiddies.

  2. Empathy as communication and sporting multiple pronouns to make sure you know damn well not to assume whatever gender she’s identifying with at the moment. She had better practice her “You want to supersize that?” with those bona fides. Bonus: Attention span so short it has to read the question from the phone that can be no more than 60 seconds out of the hand lest it misses an update on insty.

  3. Al, the most obvious downside is fewer stories like Bridget the Midget, and most Florida Man stories for entertainment.

  4. Unkle Al,
    The only downside to this that I can see is that Gooberments might not like the decrease in future populations available to tax and pass their ponzi schemes on to.
    Other then that (and is that REALLY even a downside?), I got nuttin’.

  5. They should get sponsorship. Like companies who manufacture sterilization equipment.
    But for $2, they can slap it on the table and I’ll hammer it for them. lol

  6. Millennial’s understanding of ‘public health’ systems is abysmal. Just thought I’d throw that in first.

    To breed or not to breed, kids? Anyway you look at it – and do it – it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. The ones in your generation that DO know what they’re doing will ultimately dominate. Go ahead and speed up the process and die already. Better for my kids and grand kids if you get out of their way now.

  7. Tony R: I don’t know about anywhere else, but where I have lived in Canada, the cost of water is buried in your property tax so the user does not actually see the bill. It is based on how many bedrooms a residence has. I assume there is a similar basis for commercial property.

  8. This is good news! Think of all the little liberals that won’t be walking this earth! I’m ecstatic at what this all means!

  9. Makes me want to step up my CO2 emmissions. Unfortunately, liberals have little self control over their urges, so this won’t pan out.

  10. Abstaining from having children. WoW, that’ll influence the government.
    Now, tell me again, how is that different from the millions of abortions already saving babies from the horrors of climate change(AKA four seasons)?
    Useless people. Useless minds.

  11. Unfortunately the pledge doesn’t seem to abstain from sex so they will probably have multiple abortions until they deem that attention has been paid to climate change.

  12. The 1270 idiots who signed it are likely homosexuals or so ugly that no one will do them anyway.
    No one should touch someone so full of the crazy!

    There is no downside to liberal fools not reproducing.
    I’ll go a step further. If you believe mankind’s activities imperil all life on Earth, please do the honorable thing and kill yourself to do your part. Put up or shut up regarding AGW or you are a hypocrite.

  13. 1270 little “Spartacuses”, bravely pledging to not do – for the sake of nothing – what they were already going to not do anyway.

  14. Sounds like auto-eugenics to me, the less desirable volunteering to eliminate themselves. If I’m expected to be upset by that happening – I fail to understand why I would be. I’m not.

    They ought to refocus their concerns about the future on a real problem. Such as the rapidly approaching problem of AI automated machines, that self refine their own programming without human input or control that will be replacing thousands of jobs. Including high skill jobs.

    For example self driving trucks won’t just replace truck drivers. With out drivers there will reduced need for truck stops, restaurants, hotel rooms. The trucks themselves may be serviced by robots. Another example the robots already replacing construction workers building high rise buildings. And it’s already becoming more difficult to determine if you’re talking to a human being or a machine when you call tech support. Very soon you won’t be able to determine it at all. 365/24/7 support with no whining about overtime pay or holiday work.


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