Nancy Pelosi unveils 95% tax proposal on prescription medicines


Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday released a much-anticipated plan detailing House Democrats’ ideas to change the way people get prescription drugs. At the heart of the plan is a retroactive 95% tax on up to 250 of the most common medicines. The only way out of paying this tax is if the drug becomes subject to strict government price controls and price caps. The House is expected to vote on the plan this fall.

This “Pelosi Medicine Tax” could apply to the 250 most popular prescription drugs in the country and must apply to at least 25 of them. The tax is not on profits from the sale of the drug, but on the gross receipts from the sale. For example, if a medicine is sold for $100, a tax of $95 is owed, regardless of the cost of selling the drug.

House Republicans will vigorously oppose this 95% Pelosi Medicine Tax. By imposing a 95% tax on the drugs taken by seniors, veterans, and women, Pelosi has put Democrats in a very difficult position. They are going to be forced to explain to their constituents why they support slapping a 95% tax on their cholesterol drugs, their high blood pressure medication, their glaucoma treatments, and their insulin.


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  1. I have a better idea. How about a 95% tax on the increase in your net worth while serving in Congress. Retroactive of course.

  2. So that means my insulin will cost me 630 dollars instead of 330. What a bargain!

    Just great. Instead of dealing with companies like a grown up, she plays stupid games.
    Companies will stop selling to the US. And then she’ll ban all sales into the US from other countries.
    And the only company in the world who makes my insulin, I won’t have access to.
    Thanks, bitch!

    You know what they say about people who have nothing to lose?
    Well, they have nothing to lose.

  3. @MJA – What Uncle Al says about people with nothing to lose is that they have a very high incentive to see to it that the bastards who put them in that position lose everything. And there is, by definition, no downside.

  4. How about for every dollar you turds in the government tax me I keep 95¢ and government gets a nickle? No difference right?

  5. It’s a typical game, scare everyone about 95% increase then pass a law that is ONLY 50% so everyone will supposedly feel relieved.

  6. Constitution of the United States
    Article I, Section 9
    3: No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.

    By what legalistic sophistry and gobbledygook is a retroactive tax not an ex post facto law?

  7. Don’t forget that Clinton raised income taxes retroactively.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that, if the tax goes through, they blame the increased cost on the pharmaceutical and insurance companies and say that is why things should be controlled by the government.

  8. “Other parts of the Pelosi plan would decrease what seniors pay for drugs by setting a cap on what they pay out of pocket to $2,000 a year. The savings from lower Medicare spending would go toward funding medical research. If the savings are particularly significant, then Democrats want to expand Medicare to cover dental and vision care. Those benefits aren’t offered under traditional Medicare but are sometimes covered under Medicare Advantage, which is administered by private plans.”

    Taking various snippets and things within the article I don’t understand what the results will really be. Is that by design? And the Senate passed a bill with a $3,100 cap on out of pocket? Is this a tax of us, the manufacturer, I really don’t understand this one…

    They’ll save us money while taxing the crap out of us?

    Anybody out there read and understand the legislation from either the House or the Senate?

    Until there’s the final compromise bill from both who knows what we get or what little amendments / add ons find their way into it…

    What an appropriate thread as friend wife heads out to get her RX’s. We’re in the same boat on a different seat with MJA. Love “The Donut Hole,” that they supposedly do away with next year.

    Verbose? Yes, yes I am.

  9. These socialists want power over everything you use
    or need to make you their slave.
    Try to make a list of what they already taken over
    and you will run off the page.

  10. These socialists want power over everything you use
    or need to make you their slave.
    Try to make a list of what they have already taken over
    and you will run off the page.

  11. What a greaaat idea. Throw in a 500% tax on Every small arms bullet produced along with a 50% tax on every gasoline auto and that will be a winning game plan for the democrats in 2020. Millions of low income individuals and social security seniors will vote democrat just for the retro tax on prescription medications alone.

  12. I need to make another comment about voter fraud. Remember in Nov. 2018 when all those supposedly R victories in House races suddenly flipped to D wins? Once the tally was in, the Ds flipped the House. Instead of investigating the fraud and giving the perpetrators the consequences of their criminal behavior, those in charge just shrugged their collective shoulders. Oh, well.

    There were even some on the right who said, “Oh, this could be a good thing. The left will show their true colors and it will wake up people.” Fine. That’s good. But look what has happened in the 8 short months since then. How much more could President Trump accomplish with the House on his side instead of having to fight all by himself?

    The worst part of this is – IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN in 2020! I don’t see very much happening to stop the left’s plan to continue and improve their voter fraud plans. A few meaningless arrests and a politely worded letter to states to clean up their voter rolls. YAWN. You really thing cleaning up the voter rolls will stop them? Not with the millions of illegal aliens they are signing up to make up for them.

    I pray that I’m wrong. I’m praying that there are things happening that I don’t know about. I’m praying that there really is a plan. I doubt it, but I’m still praying.

  13. @MJA: “So that means my insulin will cost me 630 dollars instead of 330

    No, it will cost more because 95% of 630 would be $598.5 for the govt and only $31.5 left for where it went before.

    Rather, the new cost would be $6,600. (6600 x 5%) = $330.

  14. Political demagoguery from the demented speaker.! The bill would never pass in the house, much less the Senate.

  15. Demorats have a plan for minimizing the cost of SS and medicare – kill off as many recipients as you can in as many ways as you can.

  16. What the British did to the colonists is small pickin’s compared to what the federal government does to us. If you see the Democrats as the Loyalists, it starts to make sense.

  17. The old crone medicine show isn’t about lowering the price of anything to anyone, It’s about control and central planning the market place to death, along with those who need what the drug companies produce.

  18. “3: No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.”

    Ex post facto laws are commonplace, look at gun laws for an example (Trump just forced another one on us, ya’ know). Anything carrying a penalty for something you’ve already done that wasn’t against the law when you did it is an ex post facto law.

  19. Sheriff Joe Arpaio had a CIA whistle blower tell him about how that election results were changed and I pray that info is released soon (It explained how certain precincts voted for demorats by 110% of the voters registered and especially how Alan West lost).

    I hope it be coming. Search out Carl Gallups

    It’s worth your time…

  20. Hey kidz, this is nuthin. This is before Socialism. Just wait and see whut happens WITH Socialism if it gets adopted!!
    Remember in November (2020) there are only two choices:

    Choose wisely!

  21. Uncle Al, the Constitutional Law hasn’t been followed for years. Although members of Congress have taken oaths to uphold that law, they haven’t. The time to take up arms against the traitorous government has long past. Any time now is legitimate. Not since the War Between the States have any abused Americans been angry enough to fight against a reprehensible government. The South tried, lost, and suffered miserably for it. A divisive, aggressive rebellion now would of course be totally destructive of this nation, which is what TPTB are waiting for. Dissenters and critics will be eliminated first and are likely in their updated databases.

  22. I believe the operative phrase was something to the effect…

    Hey kids, wait until your healthcare is free and see how much it costs you then.

  23. A couple of points..
    1. “We will have to pass it, before we can know what’s in it’`Nancy P.
    2. Socialism is usually ‘voted IN’, under veiled oversold promises by the leaders..
    3. Once they get your guns, the game is over..

  24. It’s hard to believe she isn’t behind Beeto on gun confiscation. How on earth is this plan ever going to work? Better confiscate rope and piano wire too while you’re at it.


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