That time when Hillary wore a manicurist’s smock

Patriot Retort:

Hillary Clinton made a public appearance in a Mumu yesterday….

This is worse than the time she dressed in a manicurist’s smock.

Remember that?

18 Comments on That time when Hillary wore a manicurist’s smock

  1. She’s obviously getting more deranged. Think I’ll sell her a nice sexy polkadot umberella hat to go along with that shower curtain dress.

  2. One more reason to celebrate Hillary losing: we don’t have to suffer the endless series of articles in women’s magazines telling us how “fashionable” President Hillary is.

  3. Hillary the “leader”…
    Anybody who lines up behind her had better watch their step!
    Only God knows whut’s likely to drop out of her!
    (and that’s not a pleasant thought!)

  4. She has always dressed to please her hero, Chairman Mao and it hides her habit of being unshorn and unkempt.

  5. This corrupt evil hag sold her soul to Satan long ago, all the ponchos in the world cannot conceal him collecting the bill, the reaper casts his shadow over her shoulder and you can see the panic in her eyes…

  6. Omar the tentmaker insists this is one of his masterpieces used to house a family of four in the desert.

  7. Wait! Isn’t there some sort of correlation between age and dementia?

    Shouldn’t we be feeling pity for this corrupt old piece of baggage?
    Bill should take her back to the Playpen.

    izlamo delenda est …


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