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The 14 VERY subtle signs that quietly scream someone is VERY wealthy

The Daily Mail had an article that revealed the very subtle signs that people are rich. They included things as

-people who travel without luggage (because they are going to another fully stocked location.)

-couched that don’t touch the wall (because rooms are very large.)

-people who say they are “comfortable.”

-they attended a great university, but had terrible grades. (Because they are legacy.)

That’s all well and good, but far more interesting are the not so subtle signs people are not rich- like:

well, leave the clues in the comments.

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  1. I’m dating a 25 year old, 35 year old, 45 year old, 55 year old, 65 year old millionaire widow that has 2 hot daughters and her mum is mildly terminal or at least in Europe for minimum a year….

  2. You dine and dash and pretend you are doing it for the exercise.

    You pretend to be a disabled Marine vet and start a gofundme.

    Every time you visit your “comfortable” aunt, you check under her couch cushions.

    You share a Netflix password with 16 different family members.

  3. About 15 years ago I read “The Millionaire Next Door”, this was back when a million bucks was a lot of money. It dispelled a lot of notions about inherited money (Over 90% are self-made) and it highlighted certain decisions or characteristics which most have in common; things like regular investing, staying out of debt, paying cash for everything, and comparative shop on all purchases. They keep their cars for a long time, they pay off their mortgage, and they understand the worth of every dollar they have.

    After I finished I said to myself,”Crickey, I do all that stuff anyway”>

  4. People that are not rich take their family to Disney Land/World on the regular.

    At least, the 3 families I know that all declared bankruptcy recently will not miss Disney under any circumstances.

  5. I shop Goodwill and Aldi, too.
    Shopping a consignment shop is considered shopping “upscale”.
    Grocery shopping at Meijer is only done if I’m feeling a little bougie.

    The way things are going, downsizing may not be an interesting option. More like a necessity.

    I meal plan based on sales, and then see how many ingredients I can eliminate and still have it resemble a meal.
    So far, Xiden’s economy has been great for my figure.
    Things like soda, coffee, some meats, food in general has become a luxury.

    Putting off a car purchase as long as possible and may go down to one car.

    Once upon a time, we were looking forward to retirement and then travel.
    Now it looks like we will be working as long as our bodies are capable and we will just Google some exotic location and imagine being there.

  6. A stay at home wife and 4 children, living paycheck to paycheck.
    It was a blessing.
    Presently the same wife of nearly 50 years and raising two grandchildren, still blessed.
    Don’t have much money, but enough.
    Our riches aren’t valued monetarily.
    Our life isn’t much different than most.
    Life is good !
    The extremely wealthy friends we have are down to earth, humble and giving people. They worked hard made many sacrifices for over 40 years, and earned it. The major differences from us are they have new vehicles, nicer homes and more stuff. They too have been blessed.

  7. They wear extremely out dated watches that are over 60 years old, very delicate and yellow gold. Trump’s 1968 Vacheron or his Patek Golden Eclipse. They are Completely impractical, 2 generation old and irreplaceable.

  8. — Give money to BLM; so there will be less policing in poor, mostly black neighborhoods.

    — Give money to local pols so there will be more policing in your neighborhood.

    — Put up a stupid “Hate Has No Home Here” sign to passive aggressively imply that anyone not posting that stupid, conformist sign with its empty, stupid rhetoric is a “hater”.

    — Call all working class whites who must live and work in the real world created by your nutjob virtue signalling BS “racists”.

    — Hyperconformity in regards to clothes, hair, makeup, plastic surgery, food trends, exercise trends, and all other things in life. Not an original thought exists in your sad little mind.

    — Belong to the climate cult while driving a massive SUV and flying a private jet or first class on your thrice per year vacations.

    — Openly hating the GOP while leveraging every single tax break they ever gave you.

  9. We don’t go on ski vacations. If we can afford to go on vacation, it’s not going to be so we can be cold and fall down in the snow; we get enough of that shoveling out our cars in the winter so we can get to work.


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