The All-Time Selfie King and PHOTOBOMBER Tells Kid Not To Take Selfie While He’s Talking – IOTW Report

The All-Time Selfie King and PHOTOBOMBER Tells Kid Not To Take Selfie While He’s Talking

The audacity continues.

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  1. Hics, Yep. And you can’t culture a dirt bag. And no matter there skin tone, they’re dirt bags. When they leave they’ll steal the White House Urinals. Just to be clear I know a few very classy people that happen to have a dark tan. Most of the wisely don’t associate with me. LOL

  2. That guy has to be the biggest fucking asshole in the world.
    How the fuck is he our President? And you fuckin #notrumpers out there better wise to fuck up or we’ll end up with something worse.
    Yes I’m talkin’ ta you Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol, Wills, National Review (don’t even think about askin’ Jack), Eric the Fat Fuck, Glen the Crier asshole, and the rest of you elitist pricks.
    Wise to fuck up! Mark Levin, cool it, or I’m gone from
    you too.
    Fuckin’ smarmy assholes all.

  3. Is there a bear head or something that goes with the rest of her costume?

    It’s been a strange Halloween this year. Except for a few discernible costumes it’s been a mishmash of cobbled together ‘parts’. Did the parents of Seattle take the trigger stuff seriously?! One girl showed up nicely dressed — looked like she was just getting off work. Next year I hope we get lots of Killeries, Billeries and Mooshelles.

  4. All the Whiteys that voted for the first halfrican president thought they had it in the bag electing the first woman president, that the rest of amerika would continue to sit on its ass..
    Then out of no where like a high inside curve ball comes Trump..
    fuk obongo..

  5. Tommy. Been traveling a lot lately and catch Levin late in the day. Go. His audience is confused and disorganized. Half of them are still “But Teddy Bwaaah”. The other half are like ” hey, last month you said ( fill in the blank)”. Levins a weak sister. And we ain’t got time for weak sisters.

  6. My wife tended the door but I paid attention. In the Burg the people and their kids were outstanding. “Trick or Treat” Oh Hello how are you. My, I haven’t seen you in months. Your kids have grown. They are so beautiful. Oh thank you ma’am Happy Halloween.
    Happy Halloween I know you, you live down the street. Laughter. Thank you so much. Etc. Etc.
    Normal America, that’s what Rush was talking about today. A normal America. A normal country. It’s just fine in the Burg, so far, but I do worry. Happy Halloween all I hope she didn’t give away all the “twix.”

  7. Bad Brad I agree. But he is not one to ignore. He has some great informative programs. Tonight was excellent on Levintv. You know I’m a Trumper . And I am not one who say’s “inspite of his crudeness” Fuck that, he’s a New Yorker but not a politician. All of our slime ball politicians in New York, as elsewhere, got into office by promising stuff. He’s promising to do something. And believe me Brad, he gets things done. But another problem is, will
    these permanent fixtures in Washington try to scuttle him?
    We’ll find out soon enough. But don’t give up on Mark Levin. He has a new program starting in December with Mark Steyn and Michelle Malkin, CRTV. I’m in already. Semper Fi Bro

  8. Tommy. Levins has a lot to recover from. Mainly the Teddy shit. Honestly most of us saw through Teddy dead bang. Could Teddy do what Trumps done? No way. Levin, The Right Scoop, and many more need to take a real hard look at the damage they’ve done to the Trump campaign. I personally hate them. If you’re that stupid don’t give other people advise.

  9. good call though Moe Tom. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.

    I’m w/Brad on Levin. I dont trust him. That Cuz crap was laid on waaaaaay to thick. Even a numbskull like me could see he was beating a dead horse.

  10. most of us make the mistake of thinking we will – at least – be rid of these two come january……..nothing could be further from the truth… billy clinton, the obamas will haunt us for decades, inserting themselves into every situation and every decision and every MENU……

    and it will only be worse if hillary wins, because she will put one or the other obama on the supreme court…or both….

    we have GOT to drag everyone we can to the polls to vote for trump……

    hillary for venezuela 2017!!!!

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