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The amount of marathoners collapsing seems unusually high… or is it just me?


Brooklyn Half Marathon runner dies after collapsing at finish line, 16 others hospitalized.

A runner who participated in the RBC Brooklyn Half Marathon died after collapsing at the finish line, FDNY officials said.

The 30-year-old made it to the finish line at Coney Island before going into cardiac arrest around 8:45 a.m., authorities said.

Officials confirmed 16 other runners were taken to local hospitals. Four are in serious condition, eight with non-life-threatening injuries and the other four have minor injuries, according to the FDNY.

“The health and safety of our runners, volunteers, partners, and staff remain the top priority for NYRR,” NYRR added. “In coordination and consultation with the city agency partners and weather experts, NYRR was closely monitoring weather conditions leading up to and during the race. Throughout the race, weather temperatures ranged from the low 60s to high 70s.”

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  1. What is the former Brooklyn record for deaths and passing out?? I recall basic USAF training in San Antonio, TX, only one guy passed out running in formation in mid summer of 1967 in all of the six weeks. I’m sure the temps where above 90F.

  2. We need data, not anecdotes. Data is the key weapon in any discussion.
    Incredible to me that anyone is forcing the jab in May 2022.

  3. Left Coast Dan
    MAY 23, 2022 AT 10:26 AM
    “We need data, not anecdotes. Data is the key weapon in any discussion.”

    …Agreed, but tough to get. I documented here about a 19yo who died of a cardiac arrest that I responded to at my plant, and I got the coroners report to find out why.

    Which seemed like it disageed with itself, said nothing about vaxx status even though I knew from his freinds he’d been vaxxed that week, and what I saw and what was documented as the medical devices installed at the hospital or by the squad did not jibe with what the coroner said, which was -remember, NINETEEN year old under NO physical stress but went to the bathroom because he felt sick – that the COD was “Cardiac Arrhythmia Of Unknown Etiology”, which is fancy talk for “this uninjued healthy kids heart stopped and we are either unwilling or unable to say why”.

    Bear in mind, the elected coroner is a dyed in the wool, blown in the glass immigrant female Democrat who’s had some other fishy high-profile findings, so there’s that.

    …so what do you do with that?

    Shit happens. COULD be the kid’s heart just misfired. His chemistry didn’t suggest a problem, his hx, tox screen, all that didn’t suggest a problem, doesn’t square with the symptoms described by his freinds and supervisor, but it COULD have been an errant sinus node firing, which is IMPOSSIBLE to prove postmortem.

    But it could ALSO be that the highly political coroner didn’t want to admit even the POSSIBILITY of a vaxx death, which is why the report looks like it was written by two different people who didn’t talk to each other in some places.

    But if they own all the processes, command all the workers, and can’t be required to share ALL the data for “privacy” reasons, its pretty hard to get it even as a statistic, let alone make public hay with it.

    …so at the end of the day, all we’re LEFT with is anecdotes.

    While those who have the actual data continue the slaughter secure in the knowledge that it can never be used against them.

    …gotta give the devil his due. The Dems spent 60 years setting this up, they played a GREAT long game, took control of everything they needed to, and it paid off so well that they can essentially ORDER us to kill ourselves with impunity while all we can do is carp about it until the next mass murder is ordered by our “own” government…

    …sure, there’s stuff we can do, but we can’t talk about it here, can we.

    …because they own the Internet, the courts, and the cops too. Plus, “MAYBE THEY KILL PEOPLE BUT WE CAN’T PROVE IT!” stinks as a rallying cry.

    …so, we need data.
    …they lie about it or refuse it.
    …and here we are…

  4. I believe the dude who actually ran from Marathon to Athens to give the news of the victory also dropped stone dead.
    Seems like a funny thing to emulate (not “ha-ha” funny).

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Tim – FJB
    MAY 23, 2022 AT 11:02 AM
    “I believe the dude who actually ran from Marathon to Athens to give the news of the victory also dropped stone dead.”

    …the OTHER thing that muddies the waters is that atheletes, especially extremely dedicated ones, ARE susceptible to malaies like enlarged hearts and vascular issues as a result of their calling, and so may have an elevated cardiac event rate relative to the moderately or unathetic both from them forcing their heart to work harder all the time and a tendency to push through pain, when sometimes pain is a warning.

    …so here we are again.

    Something kills them.

    Maybe this.

    Maybe vaxx.

    Maybe something else.

    …with the people in control of the process being completely untrustworthy and unethical, I don’t see how you EVER get to the truth.

  6. I ran the NYC marathon in 1993 and 1994. One of those years (I don’t remember which) 2 runners died of heart attacks. It happens.

  7. Back to data. What is the typical, aka normal, amount and types of medical emergencies for these runs/runner demographics?

    Possibly reported by media; medical community ain’t talking.

  8. Sippin’ Coffee
    MAY 23, 2022 AT 12:05 PM

    “Possibly reported by media; medical community ain’t talking.”.

    …they can’t.


    …also, they WON’T.


  9. ^^^HIPAA

    …a nice, all-purpose smokescreen.

    Unless someone demands proof of vaxx.

    …THEN, it doesn’t apply, for…some…reason…

  10. It fits in with all the hundreds of athletes who have dropped dead – all vaxxed since the Warp Speed jab was rolled out. I believe it’s jab related. Far too many.

  11. When the prevailing daily forecast is More Lies, ‘data’ is as worthless as the word of ANYONE in the MSM or the government.

    In re the Rona Jab, the double-blind study was sabotaged and trashed by the ‘scientists’ at Big Pharma and government ‘watchdog’ agencies, so NOTHING they say can be counted on.


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