The AOC Faux Tears Photo-Op

The pictures of AOC are over a year old, but they are getting lots of play now.

The pictures don’t show what AOC, in fits of grief, is reacting to, but shows her, over and over again, reacting.

It seems the convenient photographer was more interested in documenting how compassionate AOC was on the campaign trail than getting any Pulitzer prize winning photos of the devastation AOC was witnessing. (Turns out it was a road to nowhere with no one on it. Oh, the humanity.)

Many are pointing out that the humble bartender that couldn’t afford to move to DC was somehow wearing an expensive Movado timepiece-

Her crouching in despair pose is being memed.

So we joined in.

This was inevitable!

Illustr8r’s Sad O meets Sad O-casio.

Diogenes joined in-

Steal this if you wanna play.

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  1. …perhaps she’s crying about what her Spanish ancestors did to the indigenous people of Mexico and South America. She should march right over there to the other side of the fence, give them everything she has in partial reparations for her colonizing conquistador forebearers, and let the darkest, most Aztec looking among them rape her to death in payment for the rapes of thousands of local madiens 600 year ago.

    …It’s no stupider than what Democrats propose on a daily basis NOW, after all, so put up (or OUT, as the case may be) or SHUT up, ‘CORTEZ’…

  2. Remember, she was hired as an “actress.” But only a green actor hides their face when no tears are present. Find a casting couch and spread those skinny legs, doll. It works wonders.

  3. The face she’s making in the other pics is priceless. I was told that she won an acting audition over thousands to play the part of a Congresswoman, but I find that hard to believe.

    And NYC District 14, the fact that she was emoting at the southern border while running for your district should have been your wake-up call. Don’t hit the snooze button again in 2020, okay?

  4. As Anon said…Look at those fuggin Boots…Size 15 at least…

    Maybe “She” is hiding a little Michelle 0webama under those Pants.

  5. AOC is working Photo OPs with msNBC Jacob Hirsch Soboroff who previously hosted YouTube Nation and TakePart Live Pivot TV. He’s a founding host and producer of HuffPost Live network and in conjunction function with Mata Hari Midget Mariana Atencio. When the MSM plays migrant camps on endless loops, you can be sure it’s a staged plant operation. Like Clockwork and Measles.

  6. Oh, I so want to share this on Facebook, but I am trying not to be political. Such a great bunch of pics!
    There is a great scene in the movie U-Turn, where Sean Penn is trying to convince grease monkey Billy Bob Thornton to fix his car in exchange for a Movado watch supposedly worth $15k. Billy Bob asks ‘Where are the numbers? I can’t tell what time it is!’ and shows Sean his $5 digital watch/calculator with all the functions.

  7. She’s so full of shit.

    Some bad news from NY, though: Some psycho cortez backed won the Queens DA primary:

    She identified as “a queer Latina.” She ran on a liberal agenda including stopping prosecuting recreational drug use, prostitution, and smaller crimes like subway fare evasion. She has also promised to seek less punitive sentences for many felonies, closing Rikers Island and ending cash bail.

    The psycho’s endorsements included cortez, Fauxcahontas and Sanders.

    How crazy is this broad? Even NY’s lunatic governor Cuomo calls her too radical.

  8. And the Oscar for the worst performance by a bartender-cum-politician-cum-actress goes to Alexandria Octavio-Cortez.

  9. I down with aoc
    > Yea you know me
    > You know I love it
    > when she has a hissy fit
    > She’s boming loud
    > And she gonna draw a crowd
    > Shes lifting off
    > She don’t care if you scoff
    > She’s got da clout
    > She ain’t never gonna tap out
    > We got her back
    > We be wanting ALL our stuff back
    > She making declarations
    > For us to get our reparations
    > We know her education
    > Improved her situation
    > We want to follow
    > And we never gonna wallow
    > Cause we know she legit
    > We ain’t never gonna quit
    > YeESSS I am down with aoc

  10. The democrats have been pitching this mass hysteria crap for decades. Rush was playing in the 80s clips of them screaming that Republicans wanted children to starve in response to budget cuts. They had kids write letters begging congress not to let them starve. All the same hysteria. Unfortunately for some reason half this country isn’t exposed to anything else and buys this load of crap.

  11. for cryin’ out loud, even Alyssa Milano is a better actress than this broad! And Alyssa Milano is the shittiest actress on the planet.

  12. Ileesa Myasshole is so bad as a creative artist actress she decided to become a politician. Just like a certain gentleman in Germany in 1920.

  13. Perhaps she’s crying because she failed her interview on the porn producer’s casting couch in Hollywood.


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