The Bay of Pigs 60th Anniversary

And the media-Democrat cover-up continues.

Frontpage Mag-

“It was 60 years ago this week that an uncertain new president launched an ill-conceivedmilitary venture of astonishing naivety… 1,400 U.S.-trained Cuban exiles would land at the Bay of Pigs… It was an unmitigated disaster… Kennedy had learned the hard way not to blindly trust the advice of his decorated military and intelligence chiefs. (Beltway media stalwart and former Democrat White House official Lawrence Hass writing in The Hill, April, 12.)

And yet again, rather than go through the trouble of concocting their own propaganda, communist Cuba’s KGB-founded and -mentored media simply transcribed the U.S. beltway media. Think I exaggerate?

“It was 60 years ago this week that an uncertain new president (John F. Kennedy, JFK) launched an ill-conceived military venture of astonishing naivety…. 1,400 U.S.-trained Cuban exiles would land at the Bay of Pigs… Lawrence J. Hass, a U.S. expert on international relations, acknowledged on Monday that Washington’s invasion of Cuba in Bay of Pigs was ‘an ill-conceived military venture and an unmitigated disaster.” (Stalinist Cuba’s propaganda organ Prensa Latina, April, 12.)

Between snickers 62 years earlier, Che Guevara explained the fascinating process seen so starkly above:

“Much more valuable than rural recruits for our Cuban guerrilla force were American media recruits to export our propaganda.” (Ernesto “Che” Guevara, 1959.)

In fact, in complete refutation of the Media-Democrat-Castroite spin, the lack of naivete started with the invasion’s very begetter and main booster: Vice President Richard Nixon.

Here was the man who bucked the astonishing naivete (and treachery) of the Beltway establishment to see through and call out Alger Hiss. Nixon was also among the first U.S. officials to buck the astonishing naivete (and treachery) of the Beltway establishment by calling out and urging the overthrow of the closet Stalinist and Soviet asset Fidel Castro—and at the very moment Castro was being lionized by the U.S. media, State Dept., and even many in the CIA.

In fact, the military venture was expertly-planned and was anything but naive. The astonishing blunders and naivete were entirely Camelot’s.

After it dropped in their lap with Nixon’s electoral defeat, the New Frontiersmen insisted on sticking their manicured fingers in, and fumbling with, almost everything planned on the orders of the Supreme Commander of Operation Overlord.

“Help the Cubans to the utmost,” Eisenhower stressed to his successor while handing over the reins. “We cannot let Castro’s government go on.”

For starters, the original invasion plan by the CIA and its military partners (all WWII and Korea vets) picked the Cuban town of Trinidad as the landing site. This coastal town 100 miles east of the Bay of Pigs was originally chosen by the CIA and the military men because it was a hotbed of anti-Castro sentiment and offered good off-loading facilities. read more

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  1. It was a busy year for the Russians–in August 1961, they erected the Berlin Wall. My family was living in France (we still had American military stationed there), I was 10, my brother was 14. Every morning we had to put on our dog tags to wear to school because we were told that if anything happened in Europe, we would be evacuated to NYC. Scary times to my 10 y.o. brain because all I understood was the Impact on me. Dad would have had to stay behind, my Mother would probably come on another plane, and what about the dog??
    Looking back, it was ALL fuster cluck and we are going to have something like it again with this administation.

  2. This disaster…then screwing everything in sight back when this sort of stuff was a SCANDAL!…and wired tight 24/7 on drugs…and then the missile crisis. No wonder LBJ and the CIA blew his brains all over Dealey Plaza. Oh, and he was throwing a wrench into their plans for a fine little war in Indo China.

  3. JFK abandoned the Cuban volunteers at the Bay of Pigs. American air support could have destroyed Castro’s military and saved millions of Cubans from decades of repressive life under Communism.


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