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The Best of Progressive Super Bowl Tweets

It’s the Year of Losing Famously-



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  1. I would really, really like to know why before the start of the Super Bowl they trotted out dozens of NFL Hall of Famers, every single one black. What was the point of that? What a horrible, horrible statement to say that we must recognize the color of their skin, as if they were Affirmative Action placements rather than amazingly successful athletes.

  2. Who in their right mind could equate a sporting event with a political election?

    I know, I know. The qualifier ‘in their right mind’ cancels out the rest of the question.
    But seriously, did anybody but these morons even have politics on their mind during the game? Admittedly, I muted for every commercial.

  3. wtf is with these freaks, was this a football game or a race bashing game? The QB was like 42, 42, hut hut go back to Africa! and the other QB was like 42, 42, hut hut die Honkey! It’s all in the heads of stupid progressives.

  4. I really hate the left for trying to force me to take sides.

    It was a football game, it was a very good game with an epic rally in the send half.

    Next year my team will win and just leave it at that.

    The left’s obsession with turning everything political makes me wonder which they root for as the toilet swirls its contents down the sewer pipe. Do they back #1 to make down the trap first because its oppressed by #2 or #2 because #1 has the privilege of being first.

  5. I had no idea the “Super Toilet Bowl” was so racist … I wouldn’t have ignored it for a lifetime, had I known …
    So, instead of the Falcons – now the Falcoons?

    Sorry, I just can’t inject race into every-fuckin-thing.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Sickening to see how fulla hate the left is. And so misinformed. That Ocommie fella, sure did a great job of bringing us all together didn’t he? As for God hating the leftists, got that wrong too. It’s the leftists who hate a most loving God. Remember the 2012 DNConvention???

  7. what is the tweeting for twats…????….I have never seen such a bunch of losery racist liberals gathered in one area since Hillary got her butt kicked in the election…how does it feel to continue having your butts handed to you?….I suppose your all off for another anti American race riot..have fun!

  8. Hilary should have told them:
    “You’re going to lose, and lose, and lose. You’re going to get tired of losing. and you’ll say; ‘Hilary, we’re tired of losing!’ Too bad, you’re going to keep losing until you can’t take it any more!”

  9. I enjoy football and really hoped the Patriots would win for several reasons, not the least of which was because I wanted to watch Roger Goodell eat shit on stage in front of millions of people handing the Patriots the Super Bowl trophy. What he did to Brady was criminal.

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