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The Biden-Mart Calculator

Go here to see how much food has gone up under Biden

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  1. Some of these aren’t even close to what we are currently paying where I live. In the county where I live you have to purchase your plastic grocery bags at .05 each or bring your own reusable bags. Paper are not available any longer. It’s disgusting what some people’s re-usable bags look like. Gross! We stopped shopping in our county and do our shopping in the next county over, which doesn’t have these ridiculous laws.

  2. 57.5% increase. We do try and buy from local farmers where the quality is better and the price is lower. Our favorite turkey farm closed when the couple divorced. We can still get some beef and lamb. We have gone in friends at auctions and bought the whole animal which works if you have a freezer. There are places that will butcher and package for a fee. Some of the Community Colleges have classes so it’s cheaper.

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