The Bill and Hill Show To End With A Whimper

This Sunday will be your last chance to see “An Evening With Bill and Hillary Clinton.” Based on the lackluster ticket sales and the deep discounts at the later venues of the 13 city tour (you could have gone to their L.A. appearance on Saturday for as little as $2.00) it is doubtful whether this now feeble power couple will ever grace the stage of this nation ever again. More

22 Comments on The Bill and Hill Show To End With A Whimper

  1. Another humiliation for these two toads – and ben stiller, the hollywood idiot on the road with them.

  2. Can you say “that ship has sailed?”

    I’d rather hear the saint carter praise mayor buttfag.

  3. Supernightshade: President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton was a contender, and she still got a one-way ticket to Palookaville. Thanks to Donald J. Trump and those pesky Macedonian Content Farmers, she’s now reduced to picking up a couple of bucks on those side bets.

    The definition of Palookaville is most appropriate. It’s a state or situation of obscurity or failure. She’s the first female President of Palookaville.

  4. Unfortunately, to their embarrassment, they have no friends unafraid of assassination, to tell the dastardly duo, their career of lies is OVAH!

  5. Crackerbaby
    MAY 6, 2019 AT 11:10 AM
    “Only if there was an open bar……”

    …all the bottles on the bar would be open, half-empty, have lipstick on the neck in Hillary’s shade, and smell like Huma’s crotch.

    Still want some?

  6. For all we know, their mental illness might be contagious. But in any case, who wants to witness it in person?

    Indict, prosecute and lock them up.

  7. I would eagerly pay a fee never to see or hear their names again.

    On second thought, I’d make an exception for a perp walk story and photo, and perhaps obituaries.

  8. Next they will be claiming they are playing smaller venues not because their popularity is fading, but because it allows them to connect with their audience on a more intimate level. Kind of like Spinal Tap.

  9. They’re Clintons.. They’ll never go away..

    They’ve never left, and they never will..

    See barack obama

  10. I would pay to see her perp walked and booked / mug shot and all the $ should go to the poor bastard that has to perform the cavity search.

  11. I’d vomit watching those two huge hamhocks she has stuffed in her pantsuit britches waddling across the stage.

  12. Reminds me of my AIR Force time in Texas. I used to go down to Laredo AFS ($2 for a VOQ room $2 for a bottle of Mexican made Bacardi Rum). To top it off, I remember a little guy yelling out as I crossed the bridge “My sister $2). When I ignored him, he yelled out cheeps eskate, gringo.”


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