The Blast website has published pictures of Avenatti’s girlfriend’s injuries

She says the fight was over money. (Sounds about right.)  She says he punched her with pillows. He verbally abused her and grabbed her right arm and pulled her off the bed. She tried to text her friend but he grabbed the cell phone away.

She ran out of the apartment and began ringing a neighbor’s bell. He pulled her back into the apartment.

She put on pants and ran out.

Read the rest here.

Oh, I #BelieveHer!


more pictures here

13 Comments on The Blast website has published pictures of Avenatti’s girlfriend’s injuries

  1. He told her he had $$$$ money, she moves in, starts spending it, he gets pissed, she says, “What? You broke?”, the fight starts.
    I’m sure that wasn’t the only fight- because even he sounds like a little bitch through witness accounts. lol.

  2. Because he’s a slimy lawyer he may very well be exonerated. That does not mean he isn’t guilty as hell. Willing to bet more women are going to surface and make similar charges.

  3. Schadenfreude becomes Shysterfreude. Or possibly Creepypornlawyerfreude. Whatever it’s called it is a lot pleasurefreude.

  4. When asked what the first thing his girlfriend is going to do when she gets out of the battered women’s shelter, Avenatti said: “the dishes, if the bitch knows what’s good for her.”

  5. Psyco loser.How come most of these
    types are commie-dems ??? I think
    I see a pattern here ???…

  6. I’m hoping that Karen chick shows her video of Ellison kicking her ass. If this chick can show photos, so can Ellison’s victim. Shit or get off the pot, Karen!

  7. Article says she ‘hails from Estonia.’
    Hmmm… Is she an American citizen? Does she have a green card? Is she seeking asylum from a creepy porn lawyer?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  8. She got a restraining order against him…time to send the cops in to take his guns away, he should get the same treatment as the average man gets. He sounds violent and crazy…


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