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The CDC finds a depression epidemic among teens — that it created


The Irish poet W.B. Yeats wrote of sailing to an imagined Byzantium because his was “no country for old men.” The pandemic has proven that the United States is no country for the young.

A new Centers for Disease Control study reveals how badly teens have suffered from COVID policies — that the CDC itself pushed.

Many of us have lamented the terrible damage done to younger children by school closures and mask mandates — years of learning loss that may never be made up. Now we learn that the isolation and anxiety that accompanied school shutdowns have taken a heavy toll on adolescents.

The CDC found that more than a third of US high-school students reported poor mental health during the pandemic. Nearly half — 44% — said they felt sad or hopeless. A horrifying near-20% said they had seriously considered suicide in the previous 12 months.

The lifeline for those who made it through unscathed? Per the CDC data, it’s an obvious one: a feeling of “school connectedness.” more

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  1. Kinda makes you wonder how all those kids back in the 1890’s and early 1900’s survived with out suck starting a shot gun don’t it. What a joke.

  2. Imagine how much worse it would be if the Heroine injected Piece Of Shit Kurt Cobain was still making Garbage.

  3. I’m not sure how I would handle being a teenager these days if I didn’t have my current outdated values. Young folks have so much crap shoved at them, so many limitations of what they can do and demands of nonsense they must accept. Living in a politically correct world full of social justice idiots not to mention the crap on TV and in the movies, I kinda get depressed thinking about it. And that’s why I love talking to young folks telling them truth and common sense facts their teachers and many adults won’t.

  4. Fauci is most likely ready to release a new STAB for depression, one that Washington will spend tax dollars on to propagandize and pay for to help drug pushers (makers) stay rich. (same road, new name).

  5. Anyone and everyone who concedes good intentions to those responsible for pushing progressivism is complicit. Any and all who were cheering them on was living vicariously through the ones on the front line and are every bit as guilty.

  6. “Hey kids!… Wanna feel better?… Just cut your dick or breasts off!… You’ll feel way better!… Honest!”

    – CDC Eunuch Drone Project

  7. The CDC finds a depression epidemic among teens — that it created

    Teens only? CDC assholes did it to everyone. People are on the edge, they are angry, depressed, and they’re lashing out. Young adults have their challenges and so does everyone else. Go to most any open forum and se3e for yourself the temperature of what people are feeling. We’re being squeezed. I’m debt free, that right there keeps my spirits alive and my anxiety low.

  8. @Deplorable Second Class: That’s what weed is for. The House just passed a bill to legalize weed. It’s cheap and readily available. People are abandoning alcohol and turning to weed. Weed was suppose to cause a gateway to other drugs. Maybe it’s a path to getting off booze which does far more damage to the human body than weed.

  9. @ Goldenfoxx APRIL 7, 2022 AT 10:12 AM

    I have been in central Washington, Idaho and rural Montana all week and people there not depressed, they are pissed the hell off. It’s the fuckstick idiots in places like Missoula and Ellensburg (college towns) that were depressed.

  10. Hey, kids! Life not worth living!? Want to go out in blazes of glory!? Joint the Knights! We’ve got lists!

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