The Changing Face Of Immigrant Europe

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The chaotic migrant problem in Europe has led to cities like Rome seeing historic sites taken over by gangs, making it both dangerous and unrecognisable. But now Brussels wants to off-load the new migrants to countries like Poland. They won’t be happy, but will the EU give them a choice? 

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5 Comments on The Changing Face Of Immigrant Europe

  1. Always remember… White people colonizing the turd world and bringing evil white things like roads, sewers, dams, power plants, and hospitals is evil. Non-white people flooding white areas to overwhelm the infrastructure and live off the productivity of whites is “multiculturalism” and “diversity” and it’s “good” because the non-whites are more brutal and violent, and, therefore, it’s easier for the white area governments just to abuse their white citizens into accepting the shitty new reality of living amongst the shit people rather than deal with turd world animals who throw violent hissy fits when you object to them transforming your country into another version of the fucking sewers they crawled out of.

    Fuck this shit.

  2. The face of the entire free world is changing! If free people want to remain free we better stand up, and stand up pretty damn soon! We might wake up one day soon and realize we already lost.

  3. So the socialist EU makes a cesspit out of their member nations and now they want to ship their undesirables to Poland? I think we’ve heard this song before. Perhaps they should use boxcars.

  4. Give them 72 hours notice then round em up. Send them back to the delightful third world shit holes they came from. *ss holes left those hell holes for good reason then they want to turn the free world in the sh*t holes they left? Oh, yeah. Cut off their welfare as fast as possible. Some may self deport.

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