Companies That Donate DIRECTLY To Planned Parenthood

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When you see the full list, you might reconsider where you’re sending your money:


American Cancer Society

American Express



Bank of America

Bath & Body Works

Ben & Jerry’s




Deutsche Bank





Fannie Mae




Johnson & Johnson

La Senza

Levi Strauss

Liberty Mutual


March of Dimes


The Rest Are HERE

Snip: Johnson & Johnson and the March of Dimes being on the list is particularly distubing to me.
Even so, I’m not suggesting a buycott.
I’m just telling you they’re probably lonely and maybe they’d like to hear from you, that’s all.

45 Comments on Companies That Donate DIRECTLY To Planned Parenthood

  1. I just heard on the Radio a public service announcement for and on behalf of the March of Dimes. The announcement and subsequent request for donations (cash readily accepted) purported that the gouls behind the Dimes campaign really do care about babies! The jokes on us!

  2. I use a lot of these products and I’m not switching. It’s one thing if it’s
    Crappy products. But these are high end companies.

  3. Johnson & Johnson owns Tylenol. Has any one else seen their new commercial pushing homosexuality. No reason to put it on TV except to desensitize kids to their sick lifestyle.

  4. Why? Is it tax-deductible for the corporations?

    That means we (taxpayers) have to pay for the ghouls TWICE!

    Once when the gov’t steals our money, and again when the corporations don’t have to pay their portion of the taxes.

    FUCK! We really ARE stupid.

  5. …Have you seen the new Expedia commercial?

    You know……. the one with the two fags carrying a baby to the front door while they greet their family? AS IF…

  6. Saw it. Asked them in an e-mail “What has perversion to do with pain relief?” Received some boilerplate, bullshit response.

  7. Let the left fund PP on their own dime. Start with cutting off the government funding, then corporate and then take away their non-profit status.

    One step at a time and these ghouls will be out of business, hopefully taking down Democrat enablers with it.

  8. I’m invested more in these companies than use their products. There are a lot of companies I don’t agree with, but continue to invest in them. Some of these companies I’ve been investing in since the early 1990s. My profits will go to good when realized.

  9. I’m working on a bag of Tostitos as I type. Can I at least finish it?
    My iphone is ATT 2 year contract. Nothing I can do.

  10. What F-word would that be, Larry?

    &c. …?

    I can’t imagine which one you’re referring to …

  11. Tsunami,
    well, I must agree with
    Larry The Awesome Sodomite—-

    I find faggots (perverts, if you are the sensitive type) and their chosen life-style sick and offensive.

    Don’t bother “larry the awesome sodomite”, I too consider myself warned…….whatever that implied threat means. I just call ’em they way I see ’em.

    Perverts are so sensitive.
    I’m sure you watch oprah, May be you should take this quiz:

  12. Larry, I think the latest ACCEPTABLE term is
    fucking fagotty faggot fags, or,
    in some parts of the country
    (regionalism i diversity!), it’s
    hateful harassing humping homos.

    Sodomite is, like, SO pre-21st century and all…

  13. Well some pretty sick comments I’ve read here.

    Ever wonder how homos and other REgressive activists are able to move mountains? They go companies that sponsor ideas that they don’t like and threaten to withdraw their business support.

    Yet, here we have a number of seemingly conservative IOTWers who wouldn’t think of changing usage or an investment. Wow.

    Personally the letters I’ve just written to Verizon and Wells Fargo’s CEOs, informing them why I will no longer be a customer felt pretty good. I also informed them I plan on making it my mission to tell as many of my friends that they support infanticide at my church, gym and anywhere else here in my small town in w Texas.

    I won’t be using any J&J products anymore and have made a copy of the list.

    Fuck, it’s not like someone is asking you to stand in front of a row of tanks-after all it’s only 58,000,000 HUMAN BEINGS.

    And counting.

  14. That fucking commercial drives me up the wall. Both those guys are so ugly and wimpy they had no choice but to have sex with each other. They even got the muzzies involved in that commercial.

  15. T-Mobile (I think even Sprint now, too?) will buy out your existing plan, but then there is probably something wrong with them too.

  16. I kinda like that word Fag or Faggot, but it’s the same as Maggot. Sodomite is just way too graphic for me, but heh, it’s in the Bible so it’s okay to say. I like them all!

  17. MM, I’m with you. And some who won’t switch brands or write letters might really just be trying to get us down/deter us, as in they might not be real IOTW types but trolls.

  18. I just read the list of subscribers to PP. It’s disappointing. But there isn’t mush we can do about it now. I’ve been with Liberty Mutual for over fifty years. My wife retired from AVON. I’ve always owned Ford cars and trucks. And so on down the line.

    I feel that these companies have been taken over by people with the same mindset as Dr Mary Gatter and Dr. Deborah “Hannibal” Nucatola. Godless “Masters of the Universe” To them we are mere
    peons. Or, as the addled Senator McCain would say, “crazies.”

    Watching those women discussing the sale of murdered babies over wine and salad made me want to vomit. And to think that the companies I support, supports them,
    makes me sick.

    “You’ve come a long way baby, to get where you got to today.”
    “Now you’ve got your own forceps now Baby, you’ve come a long, long way.”

    (Old Virginia Slims commercial.)

    Go Trump Go. Bring back God and Prayer to our homes and classrooms.

  19. Once again I’m left asking:
    Is the company in business to sell a product or a political agenda?
    If the answer is the company is selling an agenda or using an agenda to sell their product then I’m not interested.
    If the product can’t stand on its own legs, I’ll buy the product that can!
    It’s just that simple.

  20. Even if the top brass of these businesses have no conscience and can’t understand how evil and heinous it is to murder little innocent babies, you would THINK that they would understand that killing off your future customers is an idiotic thing to do. It would be interesting to know if this practice is the result of having liberal feminazis in high places within companies.

  21. Geri: Great point. Also, while we’re on the subject of “fundamentally changing America.” Note that high ranking “warrior” officers in all services are being replaced by , well, not so” warrior” types.

  22. Your presence as a troll on this website is offensive.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Fairy Boy.

  23. And we wonder how all this Obama crony capitalism started. Hell, it started in the 30s and its still going strong. It just got fatter under Obumfuck, that’s all.

  24. Just copied the list to the Pastor and Asst. Pastor. We will spread the word and you do what you can. Not possible to completely pull the $ plug in some cases do to conglomeration, but you have to make the effort

  25. PP? Okay, ya got 40+ companies contributing to them. Gonna boycott? I’ve seen much longer lists of companies connected to many other prog causes that make 40+ look like nothing (and so have you if you’ve been paying attention online for the past 15 years). What are you gonna do, live off the grid? Rots ‘o’ ruck. You might end up living in a tent next door to an Occupy scumpuddle.

  26. And don’t think that most major electric and water companies and anything else that is a major infrastructure monolith hasn’t supported these prog programs.

  27. I use three on that list

    Adobe (photoshop – big tool in the fight against these bastards)

    AT&T (using it but not paying for it. Oops.)

    Microsoft (running windows on this anti-jihad computer) (no money for a Mac; donations appreciated)

  28. I stopped “donating” to Dimes in ’59 when they showed to those “paying attention” they clearly hated the country I love!

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