Look Closely, You Can See the Knuckle Forming on the Head Right Before Your Eyes

Sandra Bland was stopped by a trooper for failure to signal a lane change. The dashcam video shows that the officer sped up behind the back of her car in the left lane, a move by the police that I cannot stand. Bland did what most people would do, she moved to the right lane, only, she didn’t signal before doing so. The trooper pulled her over. She was pissed, but said nothing. When the trooper returned to her car he asked her what the problem was (apparently she looked annoyed.) For the record, I think this is the second dick move by the officer. It’s unnecessary banter because he knows exactly why she looks annoyed.

Bland gave the officer his answer. She said he sped up behind her and when she gave him the right of way he pulled her over, and that wasn’t too cool. Good for her, she’s right.

Now it was the officer that was annoyed. Looking for anything to recapture his position of power he told her to put out her cigarette inside her own car. That was dick move three. He could have given her the warning ticket he said he wrote up and went on his way, but he had so much more in store for her. Sadly, she took his bait and she refused. It was at that point he told her to get out of the car. Dick move four.

What is this guy doing at this point? Who is he, the Gestapo? He’s out there creating strife, escalating it, yet demanding complete respect in the face of what anyone can see is a nothing burger of a situation, one he can’t walk away from because he’s got some sort of character flaw.

He pulls her out the car and arrests her for resisting arrest, which is a neat trick.

That’s the backstory. Now the main story.

Sandra Bland was found hanged in her jail cell a couple of days later.

It was a stupid situation escalated by a stupid cop followed by a stupid decision by Sandra.

Or was it?

There’s a growing contingent of people on the internet saying that Bland was murdered.

What’s their proof?

Feelings, nothing more than feelings… oh, and a dashcam anomaly caused by what the police department is saying were buffering issues.

Here’s the Daily Koshole who may or may not be the first person to UNCOVER THE CONSPIRACY!!!!

At 32:37 a car traveling away from the camera blinks once, then VANISHES into thin air. The video is obviously and very clumsily edited at that point.

What kind of fools do they take us for?  -VEGA

The director of Selma has weighed in and said the footage was doctored, so has Bernie Sanders.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.25.17 PM


Click to see ^

Anyone with an ounce of brain power can see that the car doesn’t VANISH. The video on the dashcam backs up a second and replays what we just saw. Nothing is missing, a portion was replayed.

In this other clip there are more video anomalies while the audio goes uninterrupted. That’s it. Bland was murdered.

This is my problem with conspiracy theorists. What could possibly have been on this video, and removed, that would prove that Sandra Bland was murdered?

Did the officer say, “you know what? As I’m thinking about this, this woman might have a case against me and it may threaten my career. I’m going to see to it that she dies in her jail cell”? Is that what the conspiracy theorists are thinking?

Conspiracy theorists start with a preferred outcome and work backwards looking for irregularities, and when they find some it somehow proves their outcome, whether it logically fits as damning evidence or not. Just find something, anything, odd and it proves your theory.

It matters little to them that the jail cell footage in the hallway shows no one entering or leaving Bland’s cell during the time she died.

“Ya, but BigFurAsshole, if they doctored the dashcam footage they would hesitate to doctor the jail cell footage.”

Why would they doctor any footage? If they wanted Bland dead there’d be easier ways than going into her jail cell on camera, killing her, and then doctoring footage, no?

“Shut up, racist!”

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  1. I don’t know, Fur. I don’t know.

    At the same time, I am open to possibilities. This whole incident is strange. ….Lady in Red

  2. “What kind of fools do they take us for? -VEGA”

    Why,……….. is there more than one kind?

  3. LIR,
    and that is all the material needed in the petri dish to form the knucklehead –
    “I don’t know, it just seems strange.”

    Fine. It seems strange. Now be specific with your evidence and make your charge.

    The dashcam video has glitches in it so, therefore, the woman was murdered?
    By who? Why? When? And what is your evidence beyond your “feelings”?

    Otherwise, no one has time to be spraying ammonia at your chem trails.

  4. If the cop was white and Sandra black, it’s obviously murder.

    If the cop was black and Sandra white, it’s obviously NOT murder.

    If they were both of the same racial characteristics, then it’s a tossup. Unless she had connections to the Clinton Foundation.

    See, how easy forensics is?

  5. Didn’t this lady just interview and get hired for a job before she was pulled over?

    The cop’s actions are unfortunately all too common. So things escalated into a resisting arrest charge which probably would affect her new employment.

    So she killed herself.

    I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to implicate the cop’s dickery as the cause of her demise. Not murder directly, but the cop being a dick to begin with did start the whole issue at hand.

  6. Why wasn’t she bailed out immediately by her parents? They seem like decent people.

    Why wasn’t she arranged immediately and released?

    Where was the DA?

    There is more than one knucklehead involved here but the cop is the winner.

  7. At what proximity to the end of the month did the arrest occur?

    I ask only because many jurisdictions tend to ramp up enforcement near the end of the month in order to meet quotas.

  8. I’ve been pulled over by police in a lot of countries. By far the easiest to get along with are Texas police. I haven’t talked my way out of every ticket but I have found that being courteous to them, they will be very friendly back. Even when booking you.

    Aussie asshole blue heelers ion the other hand…..even ones that you have a beer or play sport with treat you like a criminal despite giving them the same respect.

  9. I made it clear in this piece that I think the cop, with his squeaky shoes (have you seen the video? The shoe squeaks were ridiculously obnoxious) was a d-bag.
    He intentionally baited her with his stupid ass “you seem annoyed” comment.
    And when she told him why she was annoyed he started his “I am a person who can and will make your life miserable if you don’t bow to my power” bullshit.

    There is no reason that I can think of that would connect her being dead in a jail cell to being forced to alter a dashcam video after her arrest.

    Before I will even entertain that the video was intentionally doctored, please put forth your theory as to why it would need to be doctored as it relates to a murder charge.
    Just float a few reasons, because I want to see the idiocy in black and white.
    It will highlight very efficiently why the conspiracy theorists are knuckleheads.

    I’ve been sick of this type of crap since 9/11.

    Silverstein said “pull it,” ergo INSIDE JOB!!!!

    The dashcam has video anomalies, ergo the entire Texas town’s law enforcement agency is in on a conspiracy to murder a woman they didn’t even know the day before.


    I guess racism.

  10. She was black, therefore guilty of something.
    She took an attitude.
    She were ugly.
    She be dead . . . that’ll show ’em.

  11. No BFH, her death is simply the effect of the cause which we know was a bad cop.

    However, like Moe, I too am wondering why she was jailed so long for a traffic stop?

  12. just checked her twitter / youtube/facebook rants/ admits to PTSD ??? depression , always looking to confront law enforcement , reported she hanged herself ,wonder how long before they get taken down don`t want to spoil the narrative !

  13. Yes most certainly the cop was a dick, gee I didn’t know they existed.

    I’m with wizzum, a little bit of courtesy, even unwarranted courtesy goes along way with cops. You want to cop an attitude, fine.

    As for the contention she was murdered in her cell, whoa, that’s huge GD leap but I Moe Tom asks the central question, whyintheworld was she in jail for 3 days?

  14. The video was doctored because, in the original, Geo. W. Bush pulls up, rolls down his window, and tells the cop to kill the woman at his earliest possible convenience. Geo. had confused her with a woman who has repeatedly tried to out the Carlyle Group for the various wars and murders they’ve committed across the globe and the fact that Geo. is a secret Knight Templar.

  15. I have yet to see a Police Officer in this town signal a lane change. At one particular downtown intersection, I have yet to see them not make an illegal lane change IN that intersection.

    Have yet to see them pulled over for either. Have seen them pull over motorists for the exact same offenses.

    I have a GoPro on my motorcycle helmet now. You want video?

  16. All one can be expected to do is collect puzzle pieces and see how — if — they fit.

    You seem to have reached a verdict. I would merely suggest that’s never wise, at this point. Just pay attention.
    ….Lady in Red

  17. It really does stink, but wait for the forensic/pathology report on the cause of her death. It may take a while for the serology report (at least it used to). Did she have any visitors? Did anyone give her something to “get by with a little help from her friends?” There’s loads of questions that need to be asked.

  18. If you have a badge/are the gubment: Don’t Be a Dick.

    While on the clock, keep telling yourself that you ‘have nothing to prove, everyone else knows you are powerful, after all, you’re the one with The Badge’.

    Oh and that a thin, short penis is fine so long as you know how to massage the clitoris.

  19. If you have a badge or are from the gubment: Don’t Be a Dick.

    While on the clock, repeat to yourself over and over: “I have nothing to prove, the badge let’s everyone know I am powerful”.

    And keep in mind, that a thin, short penis is fine as long as you know how to massage the clitoris.

  20. Re: Last sentence above–only meant to thump d-bags, for all other types of men it is true, please don’t be alarmed, many ladies will affirm that is what matters between the sheets.

  21. Not enough data to come to a complete conclusion.
    Plenty of data to speculate the hell outta of it.
    Conclusion: keep gathering data.

  22. I’m so up to here with all this shit. I’ve been a news junkie all my life but have been increasingly just shutting out these and other outrage of the week types of stories cause I just don’t give a f. Another what should be just a local news story consumes all the national oxygen – anything to distract from Jug Ears’ fundamental transformation as the country swirls down the toilet.

    …..Nice analysis of the cop’s actions Fur. Spot on.

  23. I’m not sticking up for the cop here, but it’s always in the best interest of a person who gets pulled over by an LEO to cooperate–even if he’s a bigger dick than Andrew Cuomo. That way, the person can always say, “I did exactly what the officer told me to do, how can there be a problem?” Put the burden on the officer to prove that you’re the dick, not him. It won’t be easy.

    N.B.: LEOs do NOT like to be told they have no right to do what they’re doing. I get this shitty, I-know-everything attitude in court all the time. One bitch told me I was violating her Constitutional rights because I recommended the dismissal of a very troublesome paternity petition (precursor filings had not been done, Family Court did not have jurisdiction). She was cordially invited to read the Constitution in its entirety and tell me which of her rights was being violated.

  24. “I have nothing to prove. The badge lets everyone know I’m Powerful.”

    A cocky Federal EPA officer approached an Iowa farmer with a summons and tells the farmer he is about to search his land for “still water pools, running streams, dams, illegal trees and so forth.”
    The farmer says I don’t have none of that, ‘cept a river runnin’ thru the North field and my prize………

    I don’t need to listen to you sir. I’m going to inspect your property. This badge gives me authority to do whatever I want to do. I’m with the EPA. With that the EPA guy opened the gate and entered the field.
    Be careful out there son, said the farmer.

    Don’t worry old timer said the EPA guy.

    About ten minutes passed when the EPA guy came screaming over the hill, shouting Help! Help!, with the farmer’s prize bull, Rory, in hot pursuit, snorting mad.

    Help me! shouted the EPA , Help Me!

    SHOW HIM YOUR BADGE, shouted the farmer.

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