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The Charisma Deficit

Polizette– Charisma is a surprisingly rare yet potent political force. And much of the 2016 presidential field has a problem: They don’t seem to have a whole lot of it.

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Such highly touted prospects as former Gov. Jeb Bush, Gov. Scott Walker, Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Marco Rubio and others have all failed to gain traction among voters or generate the blazing star-power excitement their supporters undoubtedly expected.

If someone gets chills down their spine when any of them walks into a room, it’s more likely due to the air conditioning.

Donald Trump certainly possesses charisma of a peculiar type as he spouts bombast and irreverence that draws attention. But it’s not yet clear if the clang of Trump’s media coverage-inducing noise will begin to wear thin.  more

15 Comments on The Charisma Deficit

  1. Suuuure, “polizette”…”charisma”…
    …just like that “winner,” Adolf, had.

    Trump is ahead for reasons completely unrelated to charisma.

  2. They do seem to be a pathetically charisma-challenged bunch. In particular, a plate of yesterday’s grits has more charisma than Chebby.

  3. There is not much charisma left after hillary cornered the market in it.

  4. That’s because those obscenely paid ‘Republican Strategists’ counseled them not to show any Charisma. They were told that the hicks and rednecks don’t appreciate a show of charisma since none of them have any! Remember when you are dealing with the base you are dealing with a severe case of stupid (case in point look how much the wacko birds pay us and we are total losers-LOL)!

  5. p.s. Obama – if anyone – fits the bill for “Winning-By-Charisma”…and even then….

  6. Charismatic as in popular?

    If this Country is to survive, citizens and illegals will have some bitter pills to swallow.

    This is bound to be unpopular.

  7. I don’t want a President who can make pre-teens and all other star-struck idiots swoon (example: Obama).

    I want a President who will:

    1. reverse all the illegal/unconstitutional actions of the last 4 presidents, congress and judicial branch
    2. sign an executive order outlawing any further executive orders
    3. follow the Constitution of the United States of America
    4. keep his/her nose out of my business

    Therefore, I don’t need a candidate to have any damn charisma.

  8. Charisma and popularity are two COMPLETELY different things…especially as far as politics is concerned.

    Charisma is more like CULT OF PERSONALITY…raising someone to superhuman levels. Think: Mao, Stalin, Hilter, Obama.

    Popularity can mean simplay that alot of people like the person’s stand on policies, or even the “oomph” of the campaign.

  9. Charisma is for a “Celebrity / Entertainer” type elected official, of which we’re still enduring after a seemingly endless 6 1/2 miserable years.

    Spare me.
    Spare my country.

    Give us an American who abides by the Constitution and has the guts to do what’s necessary.

    Oh, honest would be nice, too – haven’t seen that in a while.

  10. LOL – when it’s all over, we should send them one.

  11. I won’t quibble.
    I merely mean to say that what this Country needs is not likely to be popular.

  12. I disagree. At least, not UNpopular with the people that will vote for a Trump or a Cruz.

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