What We Said All Along Has Been Proven True – #BlackLivesMatter and SJW Shaun King is White – IOTW Report

What We Said All Along Has Been Proven True – #BlackLivesMatter and SJW Shaun King is White

Report: Black Lives Matter organizer and Oprah scholarship recipient who claims he has been the victim of a hate crime ‘revealed to be white’

  • Shaun King, an author and writer who is one of the leading voices speaking out against police brutality on social media, has claimed he is mixed
  • A report now claims he is white, citing a police report that labels him as white and claiming his parents on his birth certificate are both white 
  • King applied for and then accepted an Oprah scholarship to Morehouse College, which are only given to black men 
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  • He also called the vicious attack he suffered in high school a hate crime that was motivated by race 
  • ‘It’s going to me a second, but let me show you, on my terms, in my way, that what is happening today is a white supremacist conspiracy,’ said King

Jeffrey King

Jason King
Shaun King


26 Comments on What We Said All Along Has Been Proven True – #BlackLivesMatter and SJW Shaun King is White

  1. This dick is a schemer, don’t blame him, he just played the hustle.

    What I’m interested in is seeing the black response to him. I want to see how they contort themselves in defending him. “It don’t really matter if he s white… it’s about how he self identifys that matters (Bruce Jenner)…. We are proud that he wants to be black… He is too valuable to lose… ”

    Just another examples of patronizing, scheming, manipulating, left wing whites that view blacks as dogs exploiting them for personal gain.

    Blacks will figure out a way to justify what he did and let him get away with it. Retarded…

  2. Seriously? can this world get any nuttier? what will someone decide they are? Will baba wawa’s “if you were a tree what kind of tree would you be?” actually come true?
    if so I claim palm tree on a clothing optional beach in the tropics.

  3. Well, Harry Truman always said that the Grand Wizard of the KKK was a Jew … who else could sell a $2 sheet for $14?
    (Plain Speaking)

    So it figures that the guy behind the curtain of #BlackLiesMatter would be a honky!

  4. It seems to all be an identity identification problem for liberals. Blacks trapped in white bodies, men wanting to be women and vice versa. They are never happy with who they are.

  5. This guy has some pretty serious white guilt. He needs an intervention.
    Of all the races on earth who the hell would chose black.
    I’ll bet he is never been racially profiled. He has never been pulled over for driving while black.

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