The Clinton Crime Family is Angry

Patriot Retort: Well, this can’t be good. The Clinton Crime Family is on the warpath, my friends.

The recently released book about the failed Clinton Campaign contains information only someone from inside the Clinton Crime Family would know.

And you know what that means.

Someone in the Family sang like a canary.

Do they not know the meaning of Omertà — that time-honored Mafia code of silence?

According to the New York Post, the Clinton Crime Family is busy beating the bushes to see who in the Organization is talking. READ MORE

20 Comments on The Clinton Crime Family is Angry

  1. Beating the bushes. lol. I can’t read ‘clintons’ and ‘beating the bushes’ in the same sentence without laughing.
    Will Huma and Bill write a book together?

  2. Barbara Olsen’s “Hell To Pay” is an excellent read. She wrote 2 books on hellary. Her 2nd book was due out when sadly, she was killed in the plane that was flown into the Pentagon on 9/11.

  3. Why anybody pays attention to the Clintons at this point is a mystery to me. Bill’s done and probably won’t last much longer. Hillary has proven she is unelectable. Chelsea um. An unfortunate looking child with the personality of her mother.

    I wouldn’t waste time reading this book.

    Rather look at the deep meaning behind GWBush paintings. I enjoy hist

  4. Think the underlings are singing now?

    Wait til the DoJ criminal subpoenas, and arrests, and home raids, and computer seizures begin.

    THEN we’ll hear the real singing.

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