The Collapse of Biden’s World


Despite his vow to “build back better,” China is forcing all of Joe Biden’s moves. The Asian giant’s decision to pursue its own climate policy, consisting largely of more industrialization with green trimmings, effectively kills the Paris accords, so long a part of the progressive platform.  How could it not? Beijing produces more emissions than the EU and U.S. combined.

“In 2019, China’s emissions not only eclipsed that of the US — the world’s second-largest emitter at 11% of the global total — but also, for the first time, surpassed the emissions of all developed countries combined … When added together, GHG emissions from all members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), as well as all 27 EU member states, reached 14,057 MMt CO2e in 2019, about 36 MMt CO2e short of China’s total.”

Not only is climate change DOA, but the post-WW2 alliance structure is in the ICU. China’s naval expansion pushed Washington to undercut the planned Australian purchase of French conventional submarines in favor of U.K.-U.S. nuclear designs. “For Mr. Macron, the [AUKUS] submarine debacle demonstrates that the NATO alliance is debilitated to the point of dysfunction through lack of trust. The glue has gone. Without transparency — and in the submarine deal there was none — alliance, in the French view, becomes an empty word.”

The “glue” that held NATO together was fear of the Soviet bear. But that once formidable bruin is mangy and supplanted by the much more formidable CCP dragon. The decline of European alliances reflects the strategic primacy of Asia. The irony was that up until Kevin Rudd became PM, Australia actually wanted to become part of Asia. But Chinese expansionism changed all that and stirred in the Aussie breast the old but not wholly forgotten memories of alliances with the English-speaking world. more

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  1. China has OWNED Biden from the start!
    Along with numerous other Demoncrap people such as Swalwell, Pelosi, Feinstein, …and McConnel too.

  2. Once again, How do you build back better with High energy prices, food costs soaring, people not working, shortages of everything, & carbon taxes?

    Who exactly is building? I have been dealing with extreme shortages on HVAC parts & Equipment. Cars are going un-built due to chip shortages, Lumber, Bricks, Copper all in short supply.

  3. Uncle Xi is going to kick Jackass Joe to the curb like the lying, double-dealing dog turd that he is, then Joe’s new name will be Hu Flung Dung!

  4. Kcir,

    Apparently we still build some kick ass nuclear powered attack subs. I got to tour one once 30+ years ago… Singular purpose absolutely silent killing machine. Made NASA Houston look like an amusement park in comparison. Every room was like the cockpit of a 777… And this was back in the 80’s…

    On the chip shortage… The auto makers have kind of dropped the ball. They’re building cars in 2021 with chip technology from 1999. If they’d just start using tech from say 2009, they could get all the stuff they need. Not kidding! The problem is Fab’s from ’99 are closing and getting rebuilt for 2030’s needs at this point.

  5. So China destroyed the Paris accord? I was told that President Trump did that.

    And the NATO alliance is debilitated to the point of dysfunction through lack of trust?

    Again, i was told President Trump did that.

    The glue is gone? No, it’s not. The glue is hatred of Trump, and they’re all still huffing it while their world falls apart around them.


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