Academics Find Fault With “Star Wars” Lack Of Inclusiveness

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In the new edition of Scientific American, five experts offer analysis.

“Within the narrative world of Star Wars,” they observe, “to be a member of the Jedi is seemingly to be a paragon of goodness, a principled guardian of order and protector of the innocent.”

Yet, evil is afoot.

For one thing, the holy order’s corrosively corporate:

“Jedi” is more than just a name: It’s a product. Circulating that product’s name can promote and benefit the corporation that owns it, even if we do not mean to do so. We are, in effect, providing that corporation — Disney — with a form of free advertising, commodifying and cheapening our justice work in the process.

Moreover, keepers of the peace don’t keep with inclusion:

Those unfamiliar or uncomfortable with Star Wars­­ — including those hurt by the messages it sends — may feel alienated by the parade of jokes, puns and references surrounding the term “Jedi.”

Most egregious, the world of blasters and battle droids is rife with that most dastardly of Dark Sides: white supremacy. More

25 Comments on Academics Find Fault With “Star Wars” Lack Of Inclusiveness

  1. yes, “evil is afoot”. but it ain’t a silly movie series

    … it’s those that rule over us
    who, btw are most assuredly monochromatic … pot, kettle, black(face)

    btw, used to love’Scientific American’, until it started turning to crap back in the early ’70’s when they started writing opinion instead of fact

  2. Itz fiction for cryin out loud!
    Hell, since most of the Left’s platforms are fiction they should learn to leave fiction alone!!

  3. Feelings hurt? How sad. At least you’re not being burned alive in Ghanistan in a small cage by some -Sand People- with an average IQ of 69.

  4. They have little gay robots, a wookie, and pizza the hut… or am I thinking of a different film?

    How is THAT not inclusive?

  5. These people are nuts. The same criticism could be leveled at The Magnificent Seven, based on the Japanese The Seven Samurai, hardly an example of white supremacy, or western capitalism.

  6. NERDS!

    For the love of God, Star Whores is a fusion of Cowboy Western, WW2 & Ninja stories.

    Darth Jackass is literally wearing a FUCKING SAMURAI HELMET. And obviously voiced by James Ear Jones who ain’t a Honkie.

    The Storm Troopers were based on German Wehrmacht.

    Don’t even talk about Jar Jar Binks. I have no idea how Lucas didn’t get hung for that character.

    How the hell do I even know this shit?

  7. Kcir ~ Lucas should’ve been shot for altering Ham Salad’s cantina shootout

    … after that it was all downhill pc bullshit

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  9. Academics…..educated beyond their intelligence.

  10. They have to come up with some shit propaganda once a month.
    You really can’t expect anything substantial – thus the word salad of nothingness.
    As politicians do, if they want to say nothing, use a lot of words. Listen to some of that bullshit spewn by HRC (for example) if you have the stomach for it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Excuse me, but with all those weird-looking aliens as members of the Jedi order, doesn’t that make them uber-inclusive?
    I mean, without the Force, Yoda would just be an ugly green midget.

  12. We have kids graduating from college who cannot read, write, spell, critically think, or reason. And we academic losers worrying about Star Wars?

  13. Insane academic drivel.

    The stupid thing started 44 years ago, and we got idiot pretend “scientists” writing some sociology claptrap about it.

    Are we sure the article was not written in the Bee?

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