The Confirmation

HBO, for some damn reason, decided to produce a movie about Anita Hill and the attempted block of the nomination of Clarence Thomas.

With the death of Scalia, if the left attempts to install a fellow traveler, the right should use this HBO movie as their template.

Whoever is nominated, the right should produce their Anita Hill to gum up the works while the clock runs out on Obama.

Now, all of this is moot if the right stands firm.

The turtle has already said on Twitter that the senate should wait until after a new president is elected to choose a replacement. If McConnell sells us out, and doesn’t remain resolute in this stance, and if Ted Cruz doesn’t read every Dr. Seuss book he can get his hands on to stall the process…

Well, you can finish the rest of my thought.


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  1. Mike Lee says no way in heck Aboma will get someone on the court. We’ll see. One thing’s for sure…NOW you will see every stop pulled out to get the election bagged for Clinton.

  2. As a Muslim nation, the US needs a Muslim SC justice. Obama will argue. Not wanting to be Islamophobic, the Stupid Party will agree. I have a bad feeling about this.

    RIP Justice Scalia, and thank you for your service to your country. I only wish it had lasted just a little longer.

  3. Long ago, We the People should have lopped off the wattles of McConnell and Rove, filled them with the rocks floating around in the empty heads of Reid, Boehner, Pelosi, Hank Johnson, Sheila Jackson Lee and every other vile American hating progressive Republican and Democrat alike, and beat the snot out of each and every one of them when they didn’t uphold the oaths they were elected to do.

    If you haven’t warned your elected official about not appointing a conservative Constitutionalist to the Court until next year, you’d best get on it–our Republic is in the balance.

  4. Rush was talking about this movie a few months ago. His warning was about young people that didn’t live through the times believing HBO’s version.

    My kids, who are now in their 30s, were young whipper snappers not paying any attention to the TV as hubby and I watched the hearings.

    The left wants to change history to fit their agenda. It’s our responsibility to educate our children/grandchildren. That’s our only hope.

  5. The death of Scalia looks to be the “straw that broke the camels back” for me to unfriend longtime friends/coworkers on Facebook. Liberals have nothing but hate in their hearts. Truly.

  6. We’ve now entered the Winner Takes All phase. Every single leftist, even our otherwise innocuous (or mildly irritating) friends and family, know it, or will as soon as news of Scalia reaches them. Prepare to see Sanders fade and be forgotten as we witness a sudden avalanche of support falling in behind Clinton. Closer to the election, prepare for your local leftists to offer the most unprecedented insane defenses of the corruption that’s soon to put her Clinton in office. The Aboma cult of 2008 will be nothing in comparison.

    If I’m wrong, I’ll be the first to admit it and I hope I’ll have the opportunity.

  7. @listingstarboard ~ the ‘perfect storm’ would now be Ruth Buzzie Ginsberg to ‘retire due to health reasons’, giving the demonRAT/Marxist/Regressives & their media to bleat about a ‘crisis in the court’ & insist the repugnicans fold like a cheap suit & give Obola his appointments

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