The Crazy Train Just Keeps Picking Up Speed

DMF: More and more polls are showing the American people are not fond of impeachment and coming to the conclusion that the President was indeed the victim of political persecution. With the Democrat Klown Kar jamming more and more corpses into it almost on a daily basis, the other thing besides demonizing Trump and America as founded, is the pimping of more free shit to the Free Shit Army is what amounts to a Constitutional Demolition Derby.

You were warned the other day 37-year-old kid mayor Buttgig is going pedal to the metal for you heathens to bake that cake, but now Kamala Harris is promising some sort of second amendment destroying edict in her first 100 days (G-d forbid) as president. Then we have Bernardo Sandersnista who wants to give the vote to convicted felons, including convicted terrorists like the Boston Marathon Bomber. If you have to scrounge for votes in prisons, what does that say about your confidence in how many supporters you have among the citizenry (hence, open borders)?  more

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  1. OT — Does anyone know if the 2024 presidential candidate can chose Donald Trump as his vice-president?

  2. DJT would have no interest in being second fiddle.

    Yeah, funny how they hate coal & big oil. Yet they’re keeping that locomotive firebox hot chugging away at maximum steam pressure at top speed. With some luck they’ll exceed the boiler’s pressure limit. And go kaboom!

  3. So far all I have heard from the Democrats are policy positions that should get them tried and hung as traitors. I can dream.

    I have to ask, what type of scum Democrat could vote for ANY of these despots, communists, liars, murderous perverts? Oh wait, that is the base for Democrats. They love murder by abortion, sexual freaks, and stealing from hard working REAL Americans.

  4. Years ago I read a book with a number of articles about the history of television. One of the stories was about the use of canned laughter.

    The story told of a producer wanting laughter to be added after a particular line. The person telling the story said, “That line is not funny.” But the guy signing the pay checks is always right, so the laughter was added.

    A couple of weeks later when they were viewing the finished show, that line came on followed by the (canned) laughter.

    The producer said. “See, people are laughing. I told you it was funny.”

    That is about the same thing with leftists. They reinforce their beliefs to each other so they actually believe that most of America feels the same way.

    They are in for a shock.

  5. Gee Wally, Jackass Joe is about to enter stage Left wearing his Lionel Engineer’s cap.
    (I don’t just ride the Crazy Train every day, I drive the Sum Bitch!)

    Yeah Beave, and he’ll probably wear it backwards too just to show everybody how young and cool he is!

  6. Sanders probably supports allowing the surviving Boston Bombing Terrorist’s brother to vote too!


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