Trump Guilty of Obstructing a Coup d’état

Radio Matt sent this in, and I agree with him, the title is golden.

This cuts right to the heart of what is currently going on.

Trump won an election he wasn’t supposed to win, and the left concocted a way to punish him. Period.

It’s burning their already scorched asses that their attempt at a coup d’état has failed. What’s up their sleeves next?

Godspeed Mr. President.

Canada Free Press-

President Trump may have been a bit peeved at being falsely accused of being Putin’s water boy, but heck, I’d be a bit ticked off myself. The scurrilous anti-Trump innuendoes and outright lies spread by a weaponized FBI, CIA, State Dept. and various other federal agencies amounts to an attempted coup against America’s duly elected president. Such blatant treason cannot be allowed to go unpunished.

Nor can the two-tiered “justice” system We the People currently suffer under be allowed to stand. If we no longer have rule of law in the United States then we are no longer a free republic. Period.

In a related aside, let me mention that I find it odd that the Mueller Report clings to the notion that the DNC server was hacked by the Russians. The report obfuscates the issue with the clever use of smoke and mirrors…but consider this:

Julian Assange, who of course released the DNC emails via WikiLeaks, is on record as stating that “Our source is not the Russian government.” Who are you going to believe, Assange or Mueller?

20 Comments on Trump Guilty of Obstructing a Coup d’état

  1. Everyday Mr. Trump faces the lies, deceits, and treasousness acts of these disgusting, disgruntled people — and yet he’s done many wonderful things for this country, despite these “public servants.”

    He is saving our country, and we need to support him with our prayers.

    These traitors must face justice. They are swift enough dealing it out to others.

  2. The President faces what other people would find to be insurmountable obstacles yet has managed to get many of the things he promised done.

    But some people are mad because he has not accomplished everything. They would just as soon bring in people who would have gotten little, if anything, accomplished.

    It is frustrating.

    And I do love that title.

  3. Well that review would probably work were Trump not such a liar and ranking just ahead of a claw hamner in the intelligence dept…throw in whoremonger and Rocketman lover
    ….there ain’t much left to vote for. .

  4. Would you die hard trumpuppies clue your guy in about the tax returns release..if he has nothing to hide then not only could he silence the Dems he would also virtually assure himself the incumbency…now you do realize that if he doesn’t employ that tactuc he’s either got tax criminality or us autistic…

  5. Trump is the single most powerful entity in this space time continuum. There is nothing you Trump haters can do to stop his ascendancy to immortal Godhood.

    Trump will rule from beyond his shining solid gold and baby ivory horn grave. No hatred, contempt, sneering or even jeering can do anything against this unstoppable juggernaut of supreme awesomeness.

    Also, nothing goes better with liberal tears than a nice bowl of Trump hater angst.

    So salty. mmmmm.

  6. @Will Webb — There’s an old — very old — saying in business negotiations about “opening (one’s) kimono” to one’s adversaries. What do you think? Should POTUS Trump open his to a pack of jackals who have already proven they are not above a treasonous coup in order to deprive the “Trumpuppies” of their lawfully elected president? What would you do if the FBI came banging on your door one morning and demanded that you show the world the contents of your bedside cabinet? Having “nothing to hide” is not the standard for the security of your Constitutional rights. Study the Fourth Amendment.

    (If you keep a Bible in there, you could be in big trouble.)

  7. If You think the libtards hate Trump now, wait until after We

    hang 0webama for Treason….

    Mr. Trump, being the Showman He is…Will put it on Pay-per-view

    and knock down the National Debt.

  8. The Demonrats were salivating at the prospect of a big Stalinist Show Trial reminiscent of the 1930s.
    No evidence is actually necessary. The media simply must bet the drum until it resonates with the political class – as happened with Nixon – there was no there, there – but he was stampeded into resignation – the propagandists owned EVERY-FUKKIN-THING and he had little recourse.
    The times have changed (somewhat) and a great many Americans know that a nihilistic/socialist victory over President Trump may very well spell the doom of our Republic – so we’ve battened down the hatches (so to speak) and (thanks to Mr. Hat, for instance) gone elsewhere for our “news” and information.

    This also explains the radicalization of the Demonrats and the craven cowardice of the RINOs – they (Bolsheviks and Mensheviks) are becoming desperate – and their braying is more grating than resonating.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. The Title says it all. The left is the driving force of the coup…everyone of them needs to wake the f up.

  10. Trumpuppies, what a jackass! Possibly the most corrupt group of 400 people anyone could round up outside of Leavenworth making merit less demands of PDT hoping they can find a “t” that hasn’t been crossed or an “i” that isn’t dotted. Trump needs to turn the tables and declare that after they release their tax returns and allow a team of accountants to examine them he will do the same.

  11. “(If you keep a Bible in there, you could be in big trouble.)”

    …I suspect that’s the ONE thing you WOULDN’T find in WW’s bedroom, @AbigailAdams…unlikely to find an actual FEMALE in there, either, not a willing, sane one at any rate…

  12. Supernightshade — That was sorta my point. lol

    I hope it made him think about what he, himself, considers what is and what isn’t “nothing to hide.” Something once considered very American and ordinary would be something to hide if, say, you worked for a high tech company who ban Christians and Christian expression from their search engines or social media. Could get you “let go” from your job in vague terms. Or it could put you to the inconvenience of moving if you live in certain parts of Dearborn. Know what I mean?

    I suspect people like Will don’t think beyond the end of their own noses, though, when it comes to these things. I also suspect that people who think like Will believe themselves to be untouchable by the long arm of illegal gov’t intrusion because they are Lefties who believe they run the country. I do wish people like Will would consult the demographics to understand they are the minority — just with bigger mouths and more mouthpieces in entertainment and the media.

  13. Wasn’t it determined, based on computer forensics on publicly available data, that the download speeds indicated were impossible for a remote hack? And the likely method of data extraction was a device, such as a USB drive, attached directly to the affected computer? There seems to be many things asserted without evidence in the Mueller Manifesto.

  14. As Abigail Adams said, “If you have nothing to hide you should have no problem giving us what we want.,” is not how the Constitution works. So Trump gives them his tax return. Then the precedent is set. What do they ask for then?

    Trump should not release his tax returns until members of Congress submit their personal finances to auditors who will determine how many of them became millionaires of their salaries. Bernie Sanders became a millionaire with one book, a non-fiction one at that? He probably also made some money by selling a bridge in Brooklyn and some land in Florida.

  15. Re: Trump’s tax returns, I thought the deal was, “Show me your college transcripts, your selective service documents and your passport records (Pakistan in the 80’s, anyone?), and I’ll release my tax returns. After the IRS audit is complete.”


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