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The Daily Mail is Complete Crap, as is The AP

Their writers are the worst.

The police killed him?

When? How? Where?

The police should sue this publisher.

They should sue the AP, too. They say the police ran him over and killed him.

The Las Vegas Review also says the police officer ran him over and killed him. There is no mention of him stabbing himself to death.

I saw the video. He gets tapped by the car at a low speed, forcing him down. He is very much alive on the ground. He then proceeds to start stabbing himself in the chest after being tazed. How did the police kill him?

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  1. “…“Officer Burt used the patrol vehicle to bump Bryant, and subsequently,” Prosser said, “Bryant fell to the ground was run over by the vehicle.”

    The officers exited the vehicle and told the suspect to drop the knife. Prosser said Burt then used a stun gun on the suspect, who had started to stab himself…”

    So let me get this straight, cop bumps perp with his car and then runs him over. Perp, realizing he’s still alive, began stabbing himself to finish the job that the cop started.

    The question is, who reads AP stories? Answer: libs and low-fos. Thus the headline was created.

  2. Anyone who works at AP should never have a nice day, never be allowed to dine in public, never be allowed to shop peacefully. and never be able to forget the suffering they have caused. Ap should be as defiled as nazi prpaganda.

  3. I learned all about the AP in 2007 when they wrote an early morning story that the primaries had already been called in several states. The only problem was that voting hadn’t started in those states yet and wouldn’t for several hours. The AP was carrying Oblowme’s bags and suppressing the vote. There was zero blowback because the AP rolls with the Democrats.

  4. Neighbor kid enrolled in Christian grade school, Bremerton, Wa. Teacher told the 5 year olds that white cops kill blacks for no reason. Mom challenged teacher. Got nowhere. So she went to administrator, who backed up the teacher!


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