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The “Dark Fleet” Is an Enviromental Disaster Waiting to Happen

Lloyds List

RUSSIA’s industrial scale sanctions-evasion programme is growing more complicated and sophisticated, courtesy of an ever expanding “dark fleet” of subterfuge shipping and a shadowy network of brass plate companies and middlemen beyond the reach of Western interventions.

But the suggestion that these state-sponsored opaque operations are somehow invisible or untouchable, is well wide of the mark.

Much of the dark fleet activity is “hiding” in plain sight and most of the rest is entirely accessible to analysts with the right data tools who know where to look.

Lloyd’s List’s investigations have identified and tracked the rise of the so-called dark fleet, which now covers around 10% of tankers trading internationally. Any suggestion that this knowledge is somehow out of reach to governments or companies is itself another layer of obfuscation in the increasingly complex and politically weaponised risk and compliance agenda. More

According to the BBC these aging oil tankers are engaged in very risky Ship-to-Ship (STS) transfers in international waters of oil from Russia that is under sanction due to the war in Ukraine. These activities are done in international waters beyond the reach of regulation and exposed to the full fury of nature. Here

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  1. Good for them. The “World” really thought that they could financially wound Russia and it backfired. Like pretty much anything that our betters think up.

  2. The Russians are great fighters – proved that at Stalingrad. The Red Army was pounded to the canvas by the mighty Wermacht but got up before the count reached 10 and battled back all the way to Berlin, inflicting terrible retribution on the Germans. IMO, it was the most incredible comeback in the history of warfare.

    Churchill, a hero to me, called the Red Army “gallant”, as well as greatly admiring the Red Army for tearing the guts out of the Wermacht.

  3. Any oil spills will pale compared to the DELIBERATE ecologic disaster that Shitpants Potatohead perpetrated by blowing up the NordStream Pipeline.

    Always remember this dumbass sold off his own driveway so he couldn’t reach his own home without a parachute!


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