The Democrat Went Down To Georgia

Georgia State Rep. Erica Thomas isn’t just a Democrat – she’s a pathological liar.

… Actually, she’s just a Democrat.

Thomas took to Twitter on July 19th, 2019, to Smollett to the world a horrific racial injustice she had suffered at her local Georgia Publix grocery store. Erica Thomas claimed a “white man” had told her to “go back to where she came from” for no reason whatsoever.

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately for Thomas, the anonymous man she accused of racism heard about her ploy .

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  1. For the black trash out there politics is the new street hustle. Lots of money to be had and few risks of jail time. You can get your punk ass out on the corners selling dime bags or you can talk trash and get elected to some office.

    They’ve learned from watching the white trash who’ve been doing it for years.

  2. Lesson learned: If you are a white male Democrat you can call someone a lazy b:tch in the supermarket without losing your job or being called a racist, provided you trash Trump with enough vigor.

  3. “A Republican is born!”
    How long will it take? He SAID he would vote Democrat for the rest of his life.

    It’s CRAZY TOWN in NBC World.
    The Time To hit the PANIC ALARM is NOW.


    Eugene Robinson from the Washington Post is a babbling mumbler.
    Can’t quite hear what he is saying. . .
    You Know. . .uhm uhm uhm. You know.
    You Know. . .uhm uhm uhm. You know.
    You Know. . .uhm uhm uhm. You know.

    He shouts and no one seems to care.

    Who is the next British Prime Minister?
    Find out in 20 minutes.

  5. The Democrat went down to Georgia.
    He was lookin’ for a vote to steal.
    He was in a bind ’cause in the polls he was way behind.
    He was willing to give a free deal.

  6. Did she mention she was pregnant? Not that it was noticeable, but only around 75 times. She mentioned it like she was due an award and applause. Sub human garbage!

    {Oh and “my husbands fighting overseas for our country”} what a sickening panderer!

  7. Democrat/pathological liar.
    This phrase was coined by the “Department of Redundancy Department.”

  8. As disgusting and obnoxious as she and her associates in government may seem to us, they represent the people of their respective districts since they get elected and reelected by being who they are.

    Those who elected her are the real problem, they need to be addressed to fix it.

    Instead of criticizing her, take a look at those who elect her and see what can be done to change their attitudes so they elect someone else next time.

  9. Who is the bigger fool the b.i.t.c.h. or the guy who said he will continue to vote D the rest of his life?

  10. That sobbing selfie she did was spoofed by Terrence K. Williams. He is a funny guy who will post videos of moron Democrats saying moronic things while he videos himself watching them. One of his schticks is to be eating a fried chicken leg while watching. He then stops the video and laughs and rips the Democrats to shreds.

    Here is his spoof on this dummy:

  11. If that woman actually thinks her behavior during that parking lot scene reinforce her claims, she’s stupider than I thought she was. She is the one who comes off as a loudmouth bully, not the little squirt of a guy standing next to her. Does she not have any friends who can sit her down and say, “Erica, honey. You gotta tone it down. You look like a raging bitch.”

  12. Those hands…I think she ran through every Black Woman Hand Gesture there is. I bet the store video will show her waving around like a windmill in a hurricane.

    And the backup alarm on the NPC media van was a nice way to end this.

    But I really wanted to hear what he was going to say about where she was parked. She really turned up the shout-down to avoid talking about that.

  13. Anyone watching that “press conference” could see EXACTLY how it went down that day. That Cow can’t keep her fat mouth shut. She is a cliche angry black woman. BTW, did you know she is 9 months pregnant?

  14. Tony R, I’m beginning to wonder exactly where her husband is. Not questioning him or his service, it’s just that she’s so full of shit about everything else.

  15. Well, that didn’t work. What next?
    She will blame it on her pregnancy. Hormones, you know.

    Where is her receipt?
    Is she even pregnant? 9 months?
    Well, let’s see if she ever gives birth. lol

  16. @Gin Blossom

    “For the black trash out there politics is the new street hustle.”

    NEW?!?! 😮 Da’ Rever’uhnds Jackson & Sharpton been pimpin’ dat angle since da’ early ’70’s, sweetheart! THEIR routine is as old as Cheech & Chong! 😮

  17. The dude voted for her! But he “will always vote Democrat”. Which implies he must vote for her reelection! Numbnuts! 😅
    They are both a detriment to society. “I’m a white Cuban”, “my grandmother didn’t speak English”, “I was bullied growing up”…ohhh pleeeze!
    What losers! 😂😆😄😅

  18. Am I the only one who thinks that this whole kerfuffle is the result of a dick move on the guy’s part to begin with? I mean, he wasn’t inconvenienced in any way, other checkout lanes were open for other shoppers, and the store employees couldn’t have cared less. I see stuff like this in stores all the time and it’s just not worth making a big fuss about it, so I don’t. This man has the look of the perpetually offended about him, and I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that he is always on the alert for an opportunity to get pissed off at somebody about something.

    Oh, wait – he’s a Democrat. That explains everything.

    Never mind.


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