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The Difference Between the Left and Right

Dennis Prager has been doing a series in the National Review on how to tell a Liberal from a Conservative. The latest article defines how each view the role of government in society.

He considers it as the most important difference between Left and Right.



You can read differences #1 posted May 5, #2 May 19, #3 May 26 and #4 June 2 at National Review Archive of Dennis Prager articles.

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  1. I’ve found this simple test is reliable. Ask someone, “What are your principles?”

    If the answer is either “What’s a principle?” or “Everything’s relative,” then you are talking to a liberal.

  2. Dennis Prager is a national treasure.
    You may not always agree with him, but you’ll learn from him.
    He spent 10 years teaching Torah (first five books of the Bible) to Jews and Christians at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles. The lectures are available to buy on audio, and, while expensive, are amazingly mind opening. I hope to own them all someday. “Genesis” alone is over 45 hours long.

  3. Forwarded that to my leftist “friends”. It’s sad, but I have some very smart leftist friends that I can’t dynamite out of their NYT views. That’s their Bible…. So sad…

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