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The Digitally “Youthened” Indiana Jones Trailer

Supposedly the “young” Indiana Jones is Harrison Ford run through a “youth filter.”

When he’s on the horse it looks pretty fake.

I would like to know when the burlap sack is removed from his head if that is “new technology” or it’s pieced in from old footage.

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  1. Rumor is that at the end Indiana is ‘replaced’ by a successor. A female successor.
    At least they are sticking with two sexes. So far.

  2. Disney turns every franchise it acquires into woke zombified husk of what ever had been entertaining about it in the first place.

  3. Did I see a split second of the cockpit from the Millennium Falcon fly by?

    I hope they don’t stupidly kill him off like they did Han Solo. Kathleen Kennedy has ruined Star Wars so why not Indy too. 🤷‍♀️

  4. Yes, Kathleen Kennedy is one of the producers, so expect more woke bullshit. On the other hand, George Lucas is an executive producer, so maybe he was able to muzzle her.

  5. @Brown Eyed Girl
    DECEMBER 2, 2022 AT 4:21 PM
    “You couldn’t pay me enough to ever set foot in a theater again.”

    We went a could days ago to see Season 3 premier of “The Chosen”. Only about 10 people in the whole theater (early weekday matinee). It was great.

  6. “There is nothing new under the sun”.
    I wonder if virtual Indie ends the day in a tub of virtual Epsom salts…

  7. brown eyed girl….

    last time i was in a theater was for “man of steel”….had to stuff napkins in my ears to protect my hearing…..they refuse to do anything about it, so i’m perfectly happy waiting for the dvd release, where I CONTROL THE VOLUME….

    also, these asshats won’t get any of my money ever again unless i like them….i buy most of my movies second-hand, so none of them get any of my money….frinstance, matt damon makes great movies…i buy them off ebay….he gets nothing from me…..:)

  8. youthenizing is the thing of the future….first, movies will do it, and the the govt will do it, changing the spelling just a weebit….

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