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16 Comments on The DNC’s DNR

  1. Please don’t take me there.

    This whole farce of an election was designed to install a woman that couldn’t be elected as president. The engineered fraud of a lifetime.

  2. The more I see of Joe, the more I’m convinced natural causes will take him out before the DNC can — and probably fairly soon, too.

  3. Slow Joe- I don’t even know what I’m signing here. What’s this part about the Shady retirement Center? Just sign it Joe.
    Thats just where you can all the pudding you want.

  4. While Biden is still alive, he’d better make room for Tony “The Worm” Fauci in his bunker… because Fauci’s role in funding dangerous COVID research that the Obama Administration had banned is about to blow sky-high.

  5. Obama was the greatest fraud in American history. Biden’s fake election is the second – but it will have a more adverse effect. In fact, it just might OFFICIALLY end the farce we’re still calling the “United States”.

    The treasonous rats who slipped the ‘Ho into the VP position have vastly overestimated her. First crisis, she’ll have a panic attack. She’s a complete zero, and lost without a powerful, homely old man’s dick in her mouth.

  6. It’s very strange the demonrats aren’t celebrating their victory theft, everyone attending this “signing” looks like they’re at a funeral, and why aren’t they in the oval office?

  7. I’ll say they’ll give Jackass Joe six months, then instal the whore on July 4th.
    What better way to kick the U.S. in the balls then on Independence Day?
    Thus making it No Independence Day!!

  8. @Mr. Anth Ropy:

    I’m guessing it won’t happen for two years. First, Harris will be eligible to run for pres. twice if she replaces Biden with less than two years to go in her first term. Second, if he croaks (with the help of other Dems) after two years they can claim he wasn’t in this condition at the time of the election. The useful idiots will buy this.


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