The elephant in the room lifting Trump’s re-election prospects

American Thinker:

By Monica Showalter

Sneaking up on the Democrats, President Trump has an important trump card that could crush them like an elephant on a ‘rat. 

According to CNBC columnist Jay Novak:

That issue is the controversial bail reform law pushed through the New York State legislature by Governor Andrew Cuomo late last year. The law eliminates cash bail on the argument that cash bail discriminates against poorer defendants.

But critics of the law have been warning for months that eliminating bail was sure to put too many criminals with violent tendencies back on streets, even if they weren’t currently under arrest for very violent crimes.

Less than three weeks after the law went into effect, it sure looks like the naysayers were right.

In what’s becoming an almost hourly stream of depressing updates, New York’s newspapers, local TV news shows, and news sites are posting story after story about violent crimes being committed by people instantly released after arrests because of bail reform.


11 Comments on The elephant in the room lifting Trump’s re-election prospects

  1. The sad thing is the Cuomo will get reelected.

    “Buh, buh, we can’t vote Republican. They are mean!” is the low info voter mentality, no matter how badly Democrats screw them over.

  2. It’s funny watching NY state AG Letitia James, who has sworn to prosecute and harass Trump forever, frantically pleading for changes to this insane new bail reform law. No time to worry about Trump when your house is on fire, eh, Tish? You’d best be looking after your own damned job, girl.

  3. Letting the goblins come out to play has not worked too well. The only silver lining is they like to stay and
    rob, beat and kill in the places where the dunces who
    voted for this live.

  4. …unfortunately, the criminals in the Democrat Party, who never get arrested in the FIRST place, will ensure there is sufficient vote fraud THIS time to MORE than make up for it…

  5. Why Communities Crumble –
    1. There isn’t anyone smart enough to maintain infrastructure.
    2. Money to support the community is stolen quicker than it’s handed out.
    3. People who like infrastructure and not crime, move away.
    This set of behavior laws describe New York State very well.

  6. “It comes down to reality, and it’s fine with me cause I’ve let it slide
    I don’t care if it’s Chinatown or on Riverside
    I don’t have any reasons I left them all behind
    I’m in a New York state of mind…”

  7. no matter how many ny state citizens die it’s not enough to keep the idiots who are dying from these insane laws to vote for him again


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