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The Fed Caught in A Rundown of Its Own Making

A rundown is a situation in baseball where the runner is caught out by the defense between bases. The infield need only close in on the trapped runner shrinking the baseline where he can try running between bases until finally tagging him out.

This is the Federal Reserve’s situation, which raised interest rates nearly a full percent this last week in the teeth of an undeclared recession. Raising interest rates is done to make the cost of doing business higher, thus slow the economy (and by extension inflation). Slowing the economy in the early throes of recession means the recession will close that many more business, costing that many more jobs and force an even greater collapse of the economy as fewer people can afford purchases.

Given the unwillingness of the party in control of our government to take any measures to reduce inflationary forces, the prospects for the Fed avoiding being tagged out (and the average citizen to lose the game) aren’t good. More

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  1. As far as the Biteme Handlers are concerned, they’re not in a rundown. They hit a long ball and are rounding second, headed for third, fully expecting to make it home. We can only hope that the “Say Hey Kid” is out there in center field.

  2. try to understand, the Fed is only there to protect the interests of the banks & the owners of the banks.
    that is why it was created. understand, it is not a federal government agency. it is a private entity that the federal government has allowed to control monetary policy of US currency (& allow congress to blame the Fed for any monetary ‘crisis’; see how it works?).

    since 1913, when it was created, it has deflated the actual worth of the $ by over 190% … but, hey! the banks are doing great. regardless of the suffering the Fed causes … Ron Paul was correct, ‘Ban the Fed!’

    pure capitalism is anathema to every fiber of their being … it gives control of the economy to ‘the people’ … OMG … we can’t have that! …. we need CONTROL!!!

    suggested reading: ‘The Creature From Jeckel Island’ by G. Edward Griffin

  3. I’ve been collateral damaged by Government most my adult life.
    If it isn’t the FED, it’s congress passing increase after increase of federal taxes, the State increasing taxes, the county increasing taxes, Township taxes, City tax increases, the public school tax increase, my retirement and social security is taxed and increased property Taxes,
    that will eventually take our home, and then we’ll be right fuckin where I stared 57 years ago. With nothing.

    Thanks to Biden, the FED, Federal, state. township and city taxes, sales taxes, property taxes etc. etc, etc.

    I have long held that I am a Slave to a Socialist government from the BLOATED federal Agencies including down to Bloated local government bodies.

    Not counting the asinine policies such as; blotted government boies
    green Tech, illegal immigration, Billions of tax dollars to dictatorship who do not support freedom, buy oil from Venezuela, Russia while destroying our Oil and gas industry.

    I will not be burdened to determine who in my family will receive anything from my miniscule estate. My Children could have a garage sale with what the Government doesn’t take.

  4. Fifteen years of quantitative easing and a federal debt growing by, what is it now, 30 trillion from 9 trillion? Yeah, that might have an impact.

    Trump was able to keep inflation at bay with lower energy prices, but Biden’s people reversed that on day one. Everything the Dems have done in the past 50 years has been to set up triggers for domestic and global economic crises which they could use for their political benefit. If they couldn’t tank the economy on cue, they would simply lie about it through falsified Dept. of Labor statistics and the press.

    The Fed in that fifty years has proven to be anything but independent. They allowed themselves to be influenced and now walk in lockstep with the Dems.

    The Fed is now powerless to even blunt the effects of their and Congress’s past actions. We’ll just have to ride this one out and hope that real votes matter so we can get some substantially lower energy costs, eliminate supply chain obstacles and continue to withdraw from China.

  5. The Party consists of the Republican establishment, the Democrat party, and anyone who is not a Constitutional conservative. The Party and the progressive movement are hostile to the principles that America was founded on. To an individual they look at the Constitution as plastic and flexible and twist the meaning of the words contained therein to comport with their own agenda.

    A great deal of the mess the country is in resulted from good and honorable people not calling them out and refusing flat out to concede “good intentions” to what were transparent and obvious schemes designed to perpetrate fraud under the guise of compassion.

    I recognized what the bastards were up to sometime between the time I was wearing three cornered pants and the day I left grade school. Nothing, and I mean not a Goddamned thing, they advocated for was not deliberately concocted in such a way as to frustrate, if not completely and totally ensure that the promises made would never materialize. Nothing, not one Goddamned thing whatsoever.

    I could recognize what was happening, but could not figure out how it could be that the Republicans did not recognize what was happening and call them out. It was only when it dawned on me that the Republican establishment had absolutely no interest in its base and looked at them with a critical eye that I finally was able to put two and two together and recognize that I had been hoodwinked.

    Once I no longer gave them a pass and no longer was naïvely conceding good intentions to sonsabitches that had time and again rat fucked the people most responsible for them being in a position to rat fuck them raw every time the opportunity arose, I figured out that it’s all a charade.

    Donald Trump didn’t expose a Goddamned thing to me that I hadn’t already recognized, but one thing that is for sure and for certain Donald Trump has made it all but impossible for anyone who is paying attention to miss what has been and is going on.

  6. There is no way out. A smaht boi lit the fuse, and rolled that bundle of cartoon dynamite under the bus. Carry the duck… subtract the orange… over fifty years ago.

    And for (at least) fifty years, Americans have been squatting in the bus. Licking “their” forefathers. Throwing money out the bus windows, for “a plan”. Renting their seats to other passengers, on the same bus.

    For over half a century The United States (not The Federal Reserve) has been exporting dollar devaluation. “Inflation”, for those what kain’t mafs. While it was sequestered, Over There(TM), Americans could keep praying to “their” Constitution. To come back to life. And save them. Or… just get high and watch the tube.

    With “Russian” sanctions (after all the other sanctions, civil forfeitures, Rule Of Law(TM) — this, the current, rule — subject to change, without notice), everyone waht kain’t maf… even Somalis in Somalia… can no longer disbelieve their own lying eyes. There is NO way to Redeem(TM) half-a-flippin’ century of currency devaluation! Ever!

    But you smaht bois, stay on the bus. No. Seriously. Stay. On. The bus.

  7. The so called government continues to whip it’s tax slaves, the new slavery system used by the elites. This system only gives the illusion that we are free, but a closer observation shows we are not.

  8. JDHasty, for that well aimed comment, gets the SNS award for well crafted prose. Me? I tend toward the use of fewer words to deliver the message.

    It’s ALL bullshit.


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