The Five Discusses the Trump/Cruz Idolizing and the Rifts It is Causing

They say it’s personal. Too personal.


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  1. Here is how the “Right” Scoop captions the clip, “It’s been getting more and more tense on Fox News as some hosts have sided with the toupees totalitarian and others have sided with the Constitution and conservatism”

    Fuck them-I used to visit there daily, and quite a few other sites like DirectorBlue(my former #1 site) but I’m just sick of the Levine idolizing and the Trump hate. A few like American Spectator(and IOTW) run both sides’.

    I happen to think Cruz is a typical, sneaky, lying, swarmy, politician who is lusting after power. I’ll still vote for him any day rather then sit on my hands and essentially vote for Hillary.

    Every thing between these 2 is blown up into a nuclear war. Trump has forced Cruz into positions more in line with what I believe most of us want in regards to immigration albeit kicking & screaming. Nonetheless, he’s there.

    While he now wants monitoring of moslims he still refuses to say the “syrian refugees” must go back. Give him time I guess. And he’s 100% wrong about giving the president(any president) fast track trade authority to do trade deals-that’s preposterous, what’s the point of having a GD Congress?.

    For the most part, I don’t spend any time viewing the latest dust up. It’s exactly what the left dominated media wants us to do. LOOK a squirrel! Never mind the REgressive candidate is under federal investigation for treason and influence peddling.

    I’ve read enough and seen enough and besides the Texas primary is over.

  2. The RightScoop was deleted from my daily visits months ago, the Five, although I used to watch it every weekday I can no longer stomach Gutfeld.

  3. The One True Ted is a full-fledged member of the Uni-Party, as are the Libertarians, who have been his shrillest supporters.

    Cruz cut a deal with the McConnell crowd and this is the result. If, however, he thinks he gets the nomination, he’s in for a surprise.

    I think McConnell will do to him what the Russkies did to Philby and all the other defectors who spied for them – pension them off to a little dacha somewhere way out in the country.

    If you double-cross your own, you’ll double-cross anybody and I don’t doubt McConnell appreciates that more than most.

  4. Never in a hundred years did I think I’d be backing a rich New Yorker for POTUS (no offense to BFH and the rest of you guys stuck behind enemy lines).

    And, for the last few years I was really proud of Ted, but this campaign now makes me realize just how bad things are here in Texas. I hated the neocon Hutchinson Ted replaced, likewise the neocon Cornyn and was disappointed no one ran against him in the primary. But Ted SEEMED to be a breath of fresh air.

    You can’t be a Constituionalist and proponent of vastly increased immigration at a time when that immigration is causing so many problems around the world. There is NOTHING in the Constitution that gives ANYBODY a right to immigrate here.

    We need a 20-30 year moratorium and cooling off / assimilation period. Not even Trump is there yet, but at least he’s suggested we put the shovel down while deciding how to get out of the hole.

    Without assimilation we are well on our way to becoming the Balkens of North America, and that won’t end well. Right now worrying about abortion, homosexuality, who’s wife is uglier etc. is like re-arranging the deck chairs in order to avoid looking at the iceberg.

  5. “What matters is a vote for the Republican candidate in the final analysis.”

    Nope, I ain’t going down that road again. I voted for McPain and for Romney and look what we got. I’m not voting just to be voting. I just may sit this one out, we are screwed, I can’t do it in my final analysis.

  6. “What matters is a vote for the Republican candidate in the final analysis.”

    not any more.
    been there done that and I have the freakin t-shirt to prove it.
    why vote for a pretend opposition.
    the republicans did nothing to warrant my voting for them.
    the republicans sold us out after voting them in the majority of the house and senate.

    if you don’t elect an outsider this time, why prolong the inevitable, I say bring it on, if its going to crash, let it crash while I still have the strength to defend my family and country. i ain’t getting any younger and the younger generation is harmed by words so they cannot fight bullets. its us or no one.

  7. It’s either Trump or insurrection.
    Cruz has been co-opted and he no more represents the interests of the average American than McCain did.
    Cruz won’t build the wall, he won’t conduct widespread deportations of illegals, and until Trump held his feet to the fire, he was still a huge supporter of flooding America with H1B visas that drive down wages.
    Just look at how how he was talking prior to Trump entering the race and that is the real Ted Cruz.
    Sorry, I ain’t buying what he’s selling, because it’s all made up horseshit. His preening about Michelle Fields was the last straw.

    There is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties at this point, but fortunately the GOP is on its knees and its donors are going to loose BILLIONS if Trump is elected.

  8. yup – vote for “Amnesty in the first 100 days” K-SICK – this IDIOT cop stopped me for no reason – RINO brokered convention

  9. I hope after the brokered convention, and we all end up being played and disenfranchised, we are not shooting at each other. Particularly after Hillary gets elected.

  10. Gutfeld slammed twice. Andrew gave him his big break.

    Greg is upset from reading the reader’s comments about him. So he decides to burn the whole barn down. What a disloyal dwarf.

  11. “Pride goeth before a fall?”

    “I do not care so much what I am to others as I care what I am to myself.”
    ― Michel de Montaigne

  12. I only listened to 24 seconds. His claim that the “Trump nomination” (he said it twice) is causing rifts is just stupid. Not a big fan of talkers…never have been never will be

  13. I also am moving towards the #OnlyTrump camp.

    I WILL EMPHASIZE that, though I am for Trump, I can see voting for Cruz if he wins the delegates fair and square.

    I see that as a fading possibility as the days – and Primaries – move forward. I do have growing concerns about a “Brokered” SWINDLED Convention…whether that means

    …throwing in an as-yet-unknown GOPe toady (guaranteed overnight suicide of the GOP),
    …having the nomination artificially be thrust upon Cruz (so “the true, principled conservative” loses and the GOPe saves face),

    I will write-in Trump. After all, IF THE OBJECTIVE is “anyone but Hillary” (with which I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree, THEN I intend to vote for the ONLY candidate I believe can beat Hillary.

  14. Cruz or Trump. If we see Hillary in then that will be the end I think. If after all the bungling and imbecility we have seen the last few years this country still puts another lib in then that is the end. They will use it as an absolute mandate. Sitting it out won’t work. Sitting it out and compromise are what got us here.

  15. If they can steal the nomination from Trump, what makes you think they won’t take it from Cruz too?
    “Just to be fair”

    Cruz either becomes their cabana boy, if he isn’t already, or he’s out too. Just think, he will have fewer delegates that Trump, do you really think they will let him hang around if he’s so antiestablishment, unless he has already been controlled? He will get moved aside too, while people like ‘Ace’ tell you to be “pragmatic” because the GOP nominee is still better than Hillary.

    Screw that!
    It’s either Trump or we burn the whole goddamn thing down.

  16. “If they can steal the nomination from Trump, what makes you think they won’t take it from Cruz too?”

    They will. That’s their plan. The establishment is behind Cruz only to slow down and prevent Trump from reaching the delegates required. If Trump goes in with less than 1237 the GOP will try and steal this election and they know Cruz can’t reach 1237 so he’s a useful tool right now. Just listen to Mary Graham. He’s as much told us.

  17. “IF we reach a stalemate. And compromise is driven. Could there be a dark horse candidate? Who would be best suited to your minds people?”

    Fire and destruction will be the candidate I rally around if they swindle this from Trump.
    “Compromise” and “pragmatism” has been the vehicle of our disenfranchisement for decades, and so it’s off the table.

  18. Its pretty clear the GOPe, now with the full support of Cruz never inteded to win, this kill off Trump is proof positive

    It was always Hillarys to win until Trump entered the picture, thats why they need to crush him.

  19. “Bad Brad”, do you have a link?
    I have no idea whom “Mary Graham” is and Google gives me nothing.
    Also, that “anonymous” comment above was me.

  20. Bud, I think Mary Graham is Lindsay Graham, lol He made it clear a vote for Cruz is only to stop Trump, and Trump worse than Hillary. These people have not intention of stopping Hillary.

  21. That’s the part I keep trying to explain.
    Any vote for anyone other than Trump, be it GOP or Democrat is still a vote for your own enslavement.
    The donors for the GOP are also heavy donors to the Democrat Party. They are buying off BOTH sides of the aisle, and the cost of buying off the parties is still well below the value of getting their way, no matter the party.
    It’s like being able to bet $1 on black and $1 on red at roulette and then winning a $100 if either black or red comes up.
    Trump is the “00 Green” that trashes all their bets and breaks the house forever.

  22. Sorry Bud, yes Lindsay “the RINO fag” Graham. I believe FUR nicknamed him Mary. Perfectly I might add.
    Hated Cruz. Hated him. But now he’s endorced him to stop Trump.

  23. And the Lord stretched forth His mighty arm …

    Best be prepared to fight.
    (for Righteousness; on behalf of Good, over Evil)

    Neither the Bolsheviks nor the Mensheviks has ANY affection whatsoever for the wants, needs, and desires of the American people, or for the future of the Republic.

    izlamo delenda est …

  24. “Who would be best suited to your minds people? ”

    No one that the establishment picks for us. NO ONE! I’m voting against the establishment. Trump picked up a couple congressional endorsements today. The establishment does not like Cruz. The establishment served us Bush and they may serve him to us again.

  25. Patronis,
    If the ‘social fabric zombie apocalypse’ happens, we all might find ourselves with lots of unstructured “personal project” time.
    I used to think only nut cases predicted such things, but now the mad men all seemed to have been our prophets.
    They just saw further down the garden path than the rest of us, and so it just all sounded like crazy talk.
    When the great unraveling happens, it will be obvious that it’s underway.

  26. BB there are two issues.
    One is a script that adsupply pushes. It is effectively blocked by rudimentary antimalware software, even the free windows version, but not everyone uses any.
    The other relates to the changes in HTML that is interpreting some symbols as links to social network systems that now are in the hundreds. this problem is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

  27. So the egotistical and overcompensated crybullies are unhappy with the way the elections are going? The self-serving are getting their rear-ends handed to them, by the folks they thought were their hero-worshiping sycophants?

    Sounds like Fox News ‘celebrities’, so used to flying high, are getting a much needed reality check.

    And ain’t that just too effing bad? Welcome to life outside the bubble, folks.

  28. Wow, you all did a great job discussing this. Don’t have anything to add except – Yes, Trump. Pray for him and his family, especially for their safety and for our country.

    BTW check out this book to see how even our founding fathers were power hungry along with SCOTUS, and how they said “the hell with the constitution” with the exception of perhaps, at times Jefferson.

    _The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution_ by Kevin R.C. Gutzman, J.D., Ph.D.

  29. I’ve been wanting to say this for awhile.

    The fussing between the Trump and Cruz camps on this website is really wearing me out. It might be thus anyway, but it’s really more than I can bear after a day in Family Court, where I have to work with opposing parties who want to rip each other’s eyes out.

    Please, can we save all the contempt for a much more deserving target, such as Hitlery? I ask all the Never Trump and Never Cruz people, is THIS what you really want for the country? A president who’s a lying, criminal bitch? A lazy, incompetent, affirmative action hire? Because we’ve just had seven years of that.

    Wake up, people!

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