The “Fuzzy Face” Of The Climate Movement Isn’t Endangered


Climate change cultist have for years been lamenting the pitiful plight of the polar bear. Just this year we’ve been told the apex predator of the North is literally starving to death because the ice cap is melting. For decades experts have warned of dwindling populations and wonder if they’ll even be any more polar bears left in  the next century.

Not so, says Arctic animal scientist Susan Crockford who has published paper after paper showing that polar bears are thriving. Crockford states that the flawed climate models the projections of polar bear populations aren’t based on relevant factors that actually affect their numbers. More



10 Comments on The “Fuzzy Face” Of The Climate Movement Isn’t Endangered

  1. Having to put up with the Left and their idiotic fears is what I imagine living with a hypochondriac must be like. Imminent death all around us, all the time. My favorite movie line: “(They) even have a fear of the elastic in (their) underwear!”

  2. Yeah, because it just might snap at any time and give them a wedgie resulting in their ultimate demise. Or cause their balls to fall off because the elastic becomes too tight and they end castrating themselves by default. Oh the joys of being a progtard whose mascot is Chicken Little, the sky is falling, the sky is falling……

  3. Fake science (politicized) is nearly as common as fake news. What do you expect when our institutions of higher learning have been taken over by Marxists!

  4. Remember after 0bama got elected in ’08 when they started the “Polar Bears are drowning” crap? They told children in schools that bears were trapped on ice that broke off and couldn’t swim back to shore. WTF is wrong with these people?

  5. Polar bears may just be the best swimming mammals on earth. Fake science has been around a long time. Darwin was the biggest science faker of all time, a fakery that has hurt mankind considerably.

  6. Ah the good old days when the kids were small. Third grade (before or after) the daughter had the “project” about the poor Polar Bears.

    Daddy contacted and got statistics from all the right wildlife people in Canada and elsewhere for daughter which totally crushed friend teacher’s “global warming” and the “Polar Bears” are going to be extinct. Daughter loved trashing her teacher’s B.S. and actually won the day in class.

  7. out of the 6000 remaining living polar bears that were alive when Al Gore made his movie, only 30,000 have presently survived today.

  8. Good stuff. The teacher “community” is one of the more effed up bunch of liberal losers in the country;

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