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Big Journalism-  Last year a Salon article titled, “In praise of the ‘beta males,’” made the rounds and we all rolled our eyes. The author wrote:

My husband will occasionally tell me a story — about apologizing to someone who was in the wrong or a tense email exchange that he ended with a smiley face — and wryly conclude, “That’s how beta I am.” Personally, I would prefer to call this “sensitivity, emotional intelligence, and peacemaking.” But, sure, if we’re to crudely categorize men as either alpha or beta, leaving zero room for nuance, and if we define kind, nurturing behaviors that cannot be categorized as stereotypically, defensively masculine as “beta,” I suppose my husband is a beta. And thank goodness for that.

Of course, it would take a self-proclaimed feminist on Salon to stand up for the beta males since they won’t do it themselves. Sure, it seems great to have the sensitive, peacemaking beta male who will watch rom-coms with you on a Saturday night. For the women who seek beta males, it seems they’d rather replace female friends than gain a boyfriend or husband.

The rise of the beta males isn’t the same as the metrosexual phenomenon, which was more about looks than substance. Several recent stories in the news are proof that despite the comfort of sharing a house with a beta male, it’s a much different thing to share a public space with one.



  1. I propose a cage match between Pajama Boy and Andrew Cuomo for the Ultimate Most Punchable Face Award.

  2. Pajama boy isn’t an beta male, he’s neutered.

  3. “I suppose my husband is a beta. And thank goodness for that.”

    The fact she’s OK with it is directly connected to the fact she is in charge of the relationship. What she says and wants, goes – always. He is like jewelry to her.

    They are a couple because of his weakness. She could stand no other kind of man.

  4. And don’t tell me Pajama boy’s look wasn’t created to feed off of the popularity of Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki’s character Leonard!

  5. True, but that’s not the end of the cycle. Eventually she will divorce him and complain to her friends that he was just too spineless. In less then a year she will re marry to someone just as weak. Like my troll.

  6. A few of my friends married these types and became brainwashed by them. It seems to be a creeping, sinister and silent type of alpha. Something that should maybe be called alfalfa.

  7. I am both alpha and beta, I got older and smarter.

    The reality is if the dude on the train looked like a normal dude, I’m there to lend a hand. If he looked like some progressive freak, I’m looking the other way.

    Hey, I didn’t start this shit.

  8. I had more-or-less the same thought. But having read Huxley, I think pajamaboi is no higher than Gamma, and may just be a gifted Epsilon.

  9. The Alpha+ Male is known to fake being a Beta just to keep the less gifted ordinary Alphas around him off balance.

  10. Why do guys allow that type of woman to own them? Are they just so whipped that they can’t speak up for themselves?

    When I was younger, I made some pretty poor choices about men. I seemed to pick guys I felt sorry for. Then I would realize why I felt sorry for them – they were pussies.

    I decided to give up on finding a real man. Now that I’m older, I wish I had tried harder.

    Oh, well. I mostly like my life. 😎

  11. If you have to think about whether you’re a beta male or not, then… guess what?… 🙂

  12. I prefer men with penises and testicles. Apparently some ‘women’ prefer men to have vaginas and periods.

  13. We’re still around.

    You have legit chances at finding one still. wink wink 😉

  14. The wife’s friend’s husband is going to meet up w/his buddy from college and the two of them are going to go on a Walla Walla County wine tour. They are planning to spend Saturday night in The Marcus Whitman.

    She knew what she was signing up for. She had to know, the guy sashayed through the farmers market with a foo foo dog on a string before they even began dating.

  15. How bad has it gotten?

    There ya’ have it. This damnable thing is undignified as hell, but they are all the rage in Seattle.

    I’ll bet 1:3 of them don’t have any clue whether the baby their wife is carrying is theirs or whether she was knocked up while cuckolding them.

  16. Fortunately we a chalked full of Alpha Males here.

  17. Frankly I don’t know who I hate more; the feminists who make these ‘males’ their bitches, or the ‘men’ who are too gutless to be a man.

  18. Alpha first, beta around the ladies. This is how a gentleman behaves. No real woman wants a man around who can’t defend her.

  19. That’s Alpha and Alpha.
    Just because you use sound judgment NOT to get involved (if it’s a PJBoy getting crushed) doesn’t make you a PJBoy.

    It just shows you have developed “discriminating taste”.

  20. End of the article at the link:
    “We must save the alpha males before they are extinct.”

    Alphas take care of themselves well enough, thank you.
    And when not, THEY will decide when to ask for assistance.

  21. All these feminists who marry ‘beta’ (emasculated) males, I’m on to them.

    They get a husband who is just as non-threatening and just as ‘male’ as one of her female friends. She also gets a self driving dildo who won’t dare ask for sex, and a roomate who helps pay the rent.


    Other than that, at least he’s house trained.

  22. No worries.

    When the shit hits the fan, these ball-less pussies will be the first to die.

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