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Boy Scouts of America voted unanimously last week to end the ban on gay leaders

WASHINGTON — A key leadership panel of the Boy Scouts of America voted unanimously last week to end the ban on gay leaders in scouting, the organization told local leaders on Monday.


The move — raised as a necessary step by the organization’s head in May — came from the executive committee of the Boy Scouts on July 10. A vote of the full executive board is scheduled for July 27, at which point the change is immediately effective.

The resolution passed by the committee does not require councils or troops to allow out gay leaders, but lifts the prior ban on such leaders. Specifically, the resolution “affirms the right of each chartering organization to reach its own religious and moral conclusions about the specific meaning and application of” the organization’s values.


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  1. Be a good liberal and send your little boys on that pup-tent overnighter. Any neanderthal that puts their kids safety first is a HOMOPHOBE!!!! HOMOPHOBE!!!! HOMOPHOBE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. New Boy Scout Ranks

    Scout New Positions
    Second Class Citizen
    First Class Lay
    Star Player
    Life Partner
    Eagle Feather Bonnet
    Scout Master of His Domain

  3. The story makes me feel sick. But that graphic is powerful. That would make an awesome billboard advertisement. Maybe if we all chip in . . .?

  4. The creed contains the phrase, “Morally Straight”.

    This needs must be struck from the creed.


  5. The Circle jerk will now be an organized and supervised activity. No more groping in the dark.

  6. The beginning of the end of a once great organization. Happy faggots?!

  7. If you are a parent who has a boy in the Boy Scouts, and with this, if you don’t pull him out of this now perverted organization, then you are just as sick and messed up as the fag who is going to do your kid in the middle of the night out in the wilderness. No excuses. Out NOW.

  8. This is very interesting. The Boy Scouts were sued because they wouldn’t allow homosexuals and they won. SCOUTS said they were allowed to choose with whom they associated. Congress voted 405-3 (or something like that) to allow the Boy Scouts to keep their national charter. I think that was it.

    Now, 10 years later, they are allowing homosexual scout masters. In other words, the NATIONAL scouting HQ was infiltrated by homosexual activists to get this overturned. Now it has happened. This was NOT some random happenstance. This was an assault by libtardia on the Boy Scouts, pure and simple. The ‘tards just won.

    A real president would disavow any ties to the Boy Scouts and say, as Lowell said above, they can no longer be Morally Straight because homosexuals now run the show.

  9. “Specifically, the resolution “affirms the right of each chartering organization to reach its own religious and moral conclusions about the specific meaning and application of” the organization’s values.”
    Most of the chartering organizations are small churches and civic groups. They don’t have the funds to fight the gaystapo “discrimination” lawsuits.
    I am sickened by what has happened. I gave 12 years of service to the BSA as a leader.
    Like I said when the BSA first let homo scouts in –
    “Not a penny more in donations. Not a second more of my time”.
    If anyone asks –

  10. I don’t know what my wife finds attractive about my hairy ass.

    But I’ll go with it.

    Men’s asses!

    Have I self identified yet? I can’t look.

  11. New merit badge …..Tummy Sticks

  12. Does… anybody remember the fact that the 3rd Reich was made up of mostly homosexuals? Looky here; they don’t reproduce, they fully succumb to their own lusts, and are
    easily lead by the state. They can also be trained to be ruthless killers. Sayin’.
    Yes, America is downward. Hell is progressively showing its’ face with a raised fist. Beastly over the spiritual.
    Keep standing.

  13. Instead of supporting their own bakeries, they shout Bake me a cake or I’ll sue! Instead of officiating at their own weddings, they scream Marry Adam and Steve or we will sue! Instead of opening their own floral shop, they screech Provide flowers for my same sex wedding or I’ll sue! Now they once again invade an otherwise benign organization instead of starting their own version of Boy Scouts by threatening Let us lead your young boys or we will sue!

    I agree with LocoBlancoSaltine: When do whites get to join the Congressional Black Caucus?

  14. Courage used to be associated with the Boy Scouts.
    Now courage means being proud to insert your stiff dick inside another man’s anus.
    And for that you get a call from the president of the United States.

    Farewell my USA

  15. Way past that point. The Cub Scout leader in our neighborhood 17 years ago was a lesbian living on our block.

    I could not figure out who played the fem. They both were dyke-y

  16. This will certainly change the kind of snake a scout may find crawling into his tent at night.

  17. Same as the military, Bobbi the bitch, ” Our greatest strength is our diversity,” Gates feminized the Boy Scouts just like he did the Military
    Guess he’ll “do something” with that homo savage thing – for the good of the country no doubt. Fellow fisters??

  18. Constant erosion of morality in America is the role of deviants, so the masses of leftists tools are in control and moral individuals lose authority. Obama is gay and down low. Don’t expect and outcry from the White House.

  19. Jethro, I officially adore you. Checked out the map, there is indeed a location in our state and I’ve filled out and sent in the form that hooks you up with someone local. As my 12 year old would say: Boo-yah!!!

    Thanks for the link xxx

  20. Moe – is this close enough to qualify?–military-transgender-58f13d0c01.html

    Or maybe this one about the Marines specifically:

    I’m old enough to remember when a recruit would be laughed at for saying his superior officers were mean. Now, they can actually get the officer fired for it. The left in this country will not stop until America is a smoking ruin with every traditional, patriotic organization being destroyed beyond repair …….. especially the military.

  21. So what’s next to be deemed morally cool, have they thought about murder robbery and rape? There going to be some new badges.

  22. As an Eagle Scout, I know what morally straight means and the homosexual deviants who want to prey on young boys are sick.

    I think we know why God said that homosexuals will not be in Heaven. However, if you are afflicted with this sin you can be forgiven if you repent.

  23. Who’s sayin’ they’s WHITE here…CRACKA?!?

  24. Thank God for Trail Life USA
    (…and American Heritage Girls)

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