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  1. The old reasons of lefty and/or female classroom domination etc.
    have been supplemented by a “why bother with school, there are
    no decent jobs anyhow, and there is always a gov’t. hand out so
    who cares”.

  2. Dumbing down America one child at a time. What a powerful way to turn our country into a third world sh!th@le. Thanks ‘progressives’…

  3. I LOVE to discourse with those who think the lunar landings were faked. I usually start off with rocket engine specific impulse and the gravitational constant.

    Then I move into the specific error of the star trackers on the Apollo modules.

    The professor of the fraud moves from dismay that they are actually being challenged, to the awareness their interlocutor actually has a math and engineering background, to blind anger that they are in fact ignorant of every single aspect of spaceflight.

    I would say it ain’t ‘rocket science’, but in fact, it is.

    I’ve embarrassed dozens of these idiots in front of their friends. Almost as good as a steak dinner with a fine bourbon.


  4. “Annd the trees were alll made equall…by hatchet….aaaaxe…aaaand saw!”

    Personally I prefer to stand out like a turd in a punchbowl!

    Exceptionalism through the endurance of adversity.

    They’ll be looking to us, at some point, to get out of this increasing heap.

  5. The so-called “Green Movement” is yet the latest example of “What Everyone Knows” Syndrome, that has plagued mankind since man’s awareness began. It is simply amazing how many things “everyone knows” have eventually proven to be undeniably wrong by scientific means.

    Examples include the one time certainty of an “Open Polar Sea” that spawned repeated multiple fatality attempts (and multiple, multiple-fatality rescue attempts) to break through a completely imaginary ice barrier to a completely imaginary tropical North Pole. At one time “everyone knew”, (if they knew what was good for them…) that the Sun circled the Earth, that only a Priest could read the Bible in Latin, and that the Sun was being pulled by a God in a chariot pulled by flying horses. At one time Heroin was a prescribed analgesic. The uninformed millennial might Google “laudanum, Wiki” and “Inquisition, Wiki” to do some casual reading.

    Current science includes a number of ongoing space probes with scientific instruments that are demonstrating consistently that not only is carbon one of the most common elements in the universe, but that hydrogen and carbon compounds, so-called “hydrocarbons”, are vastly common substances, including lakes of the stuff twice the size of our Great Lakes on one of the moons of Saturn, along with the vast presence of “carbonaceous bodies” in the asteroid belt, and the (relatively) newly discovered Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud. It will require 16 months of non-stop work just to download the data from the recent Pluto fly-by which will likely reveal its’ moon Charon to also be a largely “carbonaceous” object to explain why it is so dark.

    I was taught in Grade School “everyone knew” all “fossil fuels” that would ever exist, were all made at once, millions of years ago, by composting dinosaurs and ancient plants. That helped spawn the myth of “peak oil” , and which is why Sinclair Oil Company’s old logo was a big, kid-friendly green dinosaur. The logo and “peak oil” are gone, but everyone is still referring to those “fossil fuels”.

    So it goes.


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