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The Influencers of the View Say You Can’t Eat a Deer Shot With an AR-15

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  1. You can always tell a leftist, but you can’t tell them much.

    Who wants to break it to Joy, that most states don’t allow the use of the .223/5.56 cartridge on whitetail deer as it lacks sufficient power?

    The reason you can’t eat a deer after you shoot it with an AR-15 is that it is going to just run away.

  2. I’ll say the obvious. A LOT of women are complete fucking morons. The 19th amendment was the worst thing the ever happened to this country. The Muslims got it right about women. If you give women power, your society will collapse under the weight of all that estrogen poisoned idiocy that destroys families and turns government into day care centers for dumb fucks.

  3. You can kill a dear with a .223. You just have to make a head or neck shot, or be really confident you have a perfect heart shot.
    I’ve even taken out a few with a 22LR high power hollow point. Close range head and neck shots. My father dropped a 8pt whitetail with a head shot from the tree stand on our property. He went out to shoot squirrels and the buck walked directly under the stand.

  4. A clueless idiot blathering at other clueless idiots.

    Needless to say, she’s not going to convince any deer hunters with her blatant imbecility.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Dad had a Pump Action 270 deer gun that he never used. He said it was too heavy. He used an open sight Mini-14 with a 5 round magazine. His ideal hunt would be getting a spike right behind the ear which he did often. Dad was an expert marksman.

  6. I can’t remember the comedian, but one of them once said the most effective hunting round would be if you could put headlights on a bullet and have it go 55 MPH.

    Seen quite a bit of evidence care ARE very effective at this; however it’s hard on the car and I’ve heard the adrenaline ruins the meat.

    Not to mention the effect on the driver when this thrashing mass of horns and hooves comes halfway through the windshield…

  7. “The AR round won’t take a deer down. Dimwit.”

    And to think a couple days ago some lady stopped a charging Brown Bear in Alaska with a 22 long rifle. Hit it in the eye, penetrated his brain.
    A .223/556 will most certainly take down a deer. Destroy it? Slightly more than a 22 long rifle. The truth shall set us free. Or something.

  8. 5.56 is kind of wimpy for deer. But swap in a 300 BLK or 6.8 SPC II upper… You’re in business. Oddly, .30-06 and 300 Win Mag are often too powerful… The .30-30 and 308 Win are probably about as perfect as you can get.

  9. Thank leftists for advertising how stupid they are. They give us no reason to help or pity them when they end up in deep doodoo because of their arrogant stupidity.

    You go gurl! Please go! Far away from me.

  10. If the county doesn’t do something about overpopulation around here, deer will be the ones doing the killing. Vermin are so prominent at dusk I can throw a rope out my door and bag one. My leashed 80lb pitbull stands off and barks them down and they huff back and approach. It’s not safe.

  11. Tons of deer are killed every year in Georgia with AR’s. .223 is a legal caliber in the state. Quote from this years Rules and Regs : “Centerfire only, .22 caliber or larger with expanding bullets. There is no restriction on magazine capacity.”


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