The IOTW Iowa Caucus Liveblog Extravaganza

11:16: Sanders down by .9%.

11:08: NY Times says 180,000 people caucused for GOP.

10:58: Clinton in front of Sanders by .3, or 4 state delegates. Amazingly close.


10:53: Trump: I might buy a farm in Iowa.

10:52: Sanders within .2 of Clinton!!!

10:50: Trump to speak.

10:46: Sanders within .4 of Clinton.

10:38: Rubio makes first speech of the night. “This is the time,” he tells his supporters.

10:32: Sanders within .5% of Clinton.

10:30: Sanders within .8% of Clinton.

10:29: Huckabee to suspend campaign.

10:21: NY Times says Sanders within .9% of Clinton.

10:17: WITH 97% IN, CRUZ AT 28%, TRUMP AT 24%, RUBIO AT 23%.



10:11: Shockingly, Trump continues to fade. Down to 24.4, Rubio within 2% at 22.8.



10:00: Trump now at 24.9%. Rubio at 22.1%, Cruz at 28.1%.

9:58: Martin O’Malley to suspend campaign.

9:57: With 65% in, Rubio is now closer to Trump than Trump is to Cruz.

9:52: Rubio now at 22, Cruz at 28. Trump stays at 25. 60% reported.

9:50: Percents unchanged as more precincts come in at the moment.

9:46: With 55% in, Cruz still 29, Trump still at 25, Rubio still at 21.

9:44: With 65% in, Sanders behind Clinton by 2.2%.

9:42: CNN says at least 150K people caucused.

9:40: With 47% in, Cruz at 29, with Trump drops to 25, Rubio climbs to 21.

9:36: With 61% in, Sanders now with 2%.

9:35: With 41% in, Cruz up 29, with Trump at 26, Rubio at 20.

9:31: With 37% in, Cruz up 29, with Trump at 26, Rubio now at 20.

9:29: With 55% in, Clinton up 51-48.

9:25: On CNN, in one of Iowa’s biggest precincts, Trump ends up a surprising, distant third.

9:23: With 50% in, Clinton leads Sanders by only 3% now.

9:22: With 24% in, Cruz stays as 30%, Trump at 27%, Rubio at 19%.

9:17: Jim Gilmore has 2 votes. Not 2%. 2 votes out of about 20,000 cast thus far.

9:15: Sanders now within 3% of Clinton with 41% in.

9:13: With 16% in, Cruz retains 3% lead over Trump. Rubio still at 19%.

9:09: With 34% in, Clinton at 52, Sanders at 48.

9:07: Cruz up 3% with 15% in.

9:05: With 12% in, Cruz at 30%, Trump at 28%, Rubio at 19%. Clinton at 52% and Sanders 47% with 32% in.


9:01: Wow:

8:58: With 7% in, Cruz at 30.2%, Trump at 28.6%.


8:48: With 4% in, Cruz up 31%-30% against Trump. With 13% in, Clinton leads Sanders 52-46.

8:44: With 2% in, Trump leads Cruz by literally 7 votes. With 9% in, Clinton up 7% on Sanders.

8:41: BREAKING, MARTIN O’MALLEY HAS GAINED 1 VOTE. No, literally right now he has 1 vote.

8:38: First 1% in from CNN has Cruz up 2% over Trump.

8:35: CNN has Clinton 50% over Sanders at 44% in entrance polls.


8:30: In case you were wondering:




8:17: More reports from “massive” voter turn out.

8:15: 62% of caucus-goers describe themselves as evangelicals.


8:09: Less than 40% of voters in GOP consider themselves “very conservative.”

8:06: Only 7% of IOWA GOP voters satisfied with federal government.

8:04: “Huge” number of new voters, according to CNN.

8:01: 43% of caucus-goers for GOP never attended before.

8:00: CNN says there’s a three-man race in the GOP caucus.


Tonight is the beginning of the end. The final scripts of the Presidential race will finally begin to be written. No more speculation. In its place: results.

Already CNN is reporting “record crowds.” Does that mean good news tonight for Donald Trump? Well find out in a few hours time.

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  1. Fox News going out on a limb early & predicting Marty OweMoney will finish third!!!
    bold move Fox, absolutely BOLD

  2. GOP has “run out of ballots”?!?


    The new batch is coming RIGHT AWAY!!!
    (…pre-marked for Rubio…)

    “Thanks for voting! Now, get outta here!

  3. …from what I’ve heard, you can change your affiliation, but not sure if you can register for the first time

  4. these ‘reporters’ must have come from the Weather Channel … “this place is overflowing, with at least 140 people in here…..”

  5. Well, OF COURSE “Hot Gas” will push Rubio!
    They are 101% GOP Establishment!
    (I used to pity Ed Morrissey…now: he DESERVES it!)

  6. luv the demonRATs process …… are you going to go against your local Homeowner’s Association Nazi if you have to get approval to put up that fence? …. do you go against the local zoning official if you want your place to be zoned ‘rural’? … or the schlub that delivers your mail? … or the local Constabulary?
    …didn’t think so….

  7. “8:35: CNN has Clinton 50% over Sanders at 44% in entrance polls”
    yes…. but… what about that O’Malley juggernaut???

  8. “8:41: BREAKING, MARTIN O’MALLEY HAS GAINED 1 VOTE. No, literally right now he has 1 vote.”

    Memo to Marty: Thank your Aunt Claire from Des Moines

  9. “With 5% in, Jim Gilmore has not received any votes, but “Other” has 5″
    Gilmore is only in it to give his Virginia primary votes to the ‘establishment’ candidate … at this point, looks like Rubio

  10. All with time…
    …that comes when Senor Amnesty
    starts getting poll numbers
    greater than his shoe size.

  11. It means they aren’t busy enough harassing people coming OUT of the caucuses, so they’re harassing them going INTO the caucuses.

  12. I just sent that video to my 21 year old son, and asked him who’s problem he thought these progressive’s decisions will be.

    He told me that I’m not a representative example of my rotten generation, but he’s hoping that after the coming civil war, he hopes he’s representative of his.

    Scary shit.

  13. OweMoney goes up to 1% & Hitlary goes down 1% …. just goes to show ya …. anyone that would suck O’Malley’s crank would suck Shrillary’s crank

  14. at this point it looks like a Cruz win, Trump second, & the ‘establishment’ Rubio third …… Hitlary wins …. no surprise
    it is still Trump’s to lose …. Cruz gets a couple more delegates than Trump or Rubio
    Trump is poised to claim the most delegates in NH, SC & NV
    the real vote is on March 1, Super Tuesday …

  15. The Gilmore Juggernaut is unstoppable!!! First he had one vote and then, he did something incredible: he DOUBLED the amount of votes he had! Feel the wrath of Gilmore!! Resistance is futile!!

  16. The Gilmore Groundswell isn’t just caucusing. They’re caucasioning!

    OK, I don’t really know what that means but we’re playing a drinking game here where, whenever Gilmore doesn’t get a vote we all take a drink. So far, the empty cans are really piling up so I may not know what I’m saying, if ya get my meaning.

    Which is strange because we’re drinking cream soda.

  17. sooooooooo……………
    the demonRAT delegate count splits two ways
    the repugnican delegate count splits three ways

    Onward To New Hampshire!!!

  18. Hold the party till the very end please. Don’t want to jinx it.

    CRUZ Control!!!!

  19. I didn’t expect Trump to take Iowa. It is a bit of a weird state. I DID expect Rubio to surge. So, I am right. I think it is not a big deal for Trump to not take Iowa. It’s Iowa. Huckabee and Rick S won Iowa. Of course the lefties are very happy – thinking that Trump is TOTALLY destroyed. 🙂 Whatever. I don’t think the people in NH or SC will change who they vote for based on Iowa, and that is the thing.

  20. This isn’t the general election. Don’t heart attack till November, m’kay? Jeez. When I see shit like this my first thoughts are “I wannanother beer”.

  21. Hey, I learned just today that Rick S didn’t get announced the winner in Iowa until TWO weeks after it had been called for Romney. How he heck did that even happen? He was third on caucus night. Iowa. But Romney got a MUCH needed bump.

  22. Dang, I don’t get to collect on the bet I didn’t make! Well, congrats Cruz supporters! NH is going to be hard to take in the GE, but we’ll all do our best! I don’t think there are as many evangelicals in NH. 😉

  23. No disrespect to Rubio, wife, and his supporters.
    His pinky backdrop as he spoke with his conviction did not help him. If that was a wifey thing, again no disrespect, oh please don’t.
    Name in Caps Dude!

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