Mr. Wonder’s Wandering Days Are Over

In 1977 local TV children’s show host, Frank ‘Mr. Wonder’   Selas,  evaded arrest for sexually assaulting children on camping trips he had organized.


In his 37 years of eluding arrest, Selas is thought to have escaped to Brazil then changed his name to Szeles and returned to the U.S. in the 1980s.

Now, parents in Bonita, CA are reviewing the man’s behavior as a Cub Scout leader who gave swimming lessons to children in his backyard pool.


Selas was arrested in San Diego last week and expected in Louisiana court soon.

Report from his former TV station in Louisiana Here

12 Comments on Mr. Wonder’s Wandering Days Are Over

  1. Hey, you guys are blowing this all out of proportion. Now that homosexual marriages are allowed and celebrated, the push to normalize child/adult sexual relationships is on. “Children are sexual beings too,” as ‘they’ say. Citizen WONDER was just ahead of the curve is all. Really, what young male of the race would not want to have special play time with hunky Mr. Wonder?

    You all are jest haters!

    (Sarc off) Remember, most skinners are males raping/abusing boys, regardless what you twink.

  2. Pedo’s like to be near children.
    Watch out for any unmarried male near children.
    Boy Scout leaders
    School Bus drivers
    Santa Claus
    You get the picture

  3. In my opinion any male who is interested in anyone else’s kids is automatically suspect. I don’t care what anyone says.

  4. I am an unmarried male and I f**king hate most kids because most of them are spoiled, undisciplined little cretins just like their parents.

    I’m one of those guys in the restaurant who tells people to shut their damn kids up or leave. Babies I can understand, but 3 year olds or higher get the evil eye – because they know better.

  5. Ditto, Tsunami; I was raised back in the good old days when “children should be seen but not heard.” I am also reminded of Solomon’s dictum, “Spare not the rod of discipline…”

    Parents and potential parents should take this wisdom to heart, and should return to raising males after the stoic ideal.

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