The Irish Aren’t Red-Headed Mexicans

Breitbart [Ann Coulter]: In an interview with NPR last Friday, Trump’s chief of staff John Kelly described the illegal aliens pouring across our border in the most gentle manner imaginable.

He said that illegal aliens aren’t “bad people,” but also “not people that would easily assimilate into the United States into our modern society.” They are, he continued, mostly rural, poor, unskilled and illiterate. “They don’t speak English,” Kelly said. “Obviously, that’s a big thing.”

Kelly violated the civic religion of treating every non-American as better than an American — a potential valedictorian, Medal of Honor winner and Nobel Prize recipient. Naturally, he was called a “racist.”

So what was the point? You’re going to be called a “racist” no matter what you say, so why not be honest: Illegals are self-entitled law-breakers and thieves, stealing jobs and government benefits meant for our own people.  more

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  1. The biggest unsaid scam with the Mexicans is that they are just here to pick your veggies and fruit. Even if an Illegal does pick Fruit in El Centro or Yuma, his Children will NOT pick fruit… Ever ! So do the Lib’s Import more fruit pickers from Mexico since their Kid’s wont do it ?
    The Kid’s are taking over Construction / Landscape Contractors/ Specialty Tile, you name it.

  2. Plantsman- The kids are also taking up space in schools, business offices, retail, and now CA legislature.

    And then the LEGAL residents get looked at as if they’re illegals, too. Which I know pisses them off to no end. That’s why a lot them voted for Trump.

  3. Machines pick fruits now days. It’s ALL automated. Anything from carrots and potatoes to almonds. That’s the truth.
    And MJA, Native Northern California’s don’t get looked at that way. Even if they’re from Mex heritage. Pretty easy to spot a wet back. OOP’s, I guess I’m racially insensitive, or something.

  4. MJA & Bad Brad: We forgot to mention the Roads ! Driving is a new experience in So Cal now, Mexicans drive a lot and they love driving even though most Suck at it. Mexican Woman Drivers can be down right terrifying, many of them fresh from the Rancho have never even been on a bicycle or even left their Horse driven Rancho’s

  5. Plantsman/MJA

    The state needs to be split. End of story. State law enforcement does not venture into any county north Of Sacramento county. Been that way for a while. Cut us loose.

  6. Bad Brad. Ans. Jet black. I don’t want to get involved in this bullshit. All Irish, Italian, German, Polish, Swedish and whatever people from Europe had their problems here. Then they became the problem. But they became Americans good or bad. Ted Kennedy caused this immigration problem we have today. He was a scumbag, bar none. The Liar of the Senate.

  7. Tommy, I see you forgot to mention DUTCH. Sniff. i’m with you brother. Ted Kennedy was a loser asshole . No doubt. JFK was a womanizing piece of shit. However he was the last nationalist we elected. And the swamp killed him. Watch.

  8. When we first moved from Germany to Ft. Bragg, NC there were chain gangs that did a whole a lot work now done by illegals. Why can’t low risk prisoners get their asses out and do the work illegals are doing?

  9. When my grandfather got HERE his hair was red.

    Then he was conscripted for WWI, 1917.

    When he came out his hair was… gray.

  10. Um, just want to mention that being auburn, my red started going white when I was 23…… My Mother, a redhead was all white and dying her hair be her mid twenties.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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