A Pack of Small Dogs Somehow Kill a Woman

This is a strange story. A woman was mauled to death by a pack of 7 dogs, “none of which had legs taller than a human hand.”

The Patch-

A pack of vicious dogs, some of them described as predominantly dachshunds, or wiener dogs, mauled an Oklahoma woman to death last week. It’s unclear what caused the dogs to attack Tracy Garcia, 52, outside her home near Ardmore on Thursday, but their owner could face charges, according to media reports.

One of the dogs was shot after charging at a Carter County deputy who responded to the attack, and the other six were euthanized at the owner’s request at a local veterinary clinic, the reports said.

Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant said the incident was “just a bad deal all the way around.”


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26 Comments on A Pack of Small Dogs Somehow Kill a Woman

  1. “but their owner could face charges” COULD face charges?
    Let’s see, 1 woman dead, 7 dogs mistreated then euthanized….
    The bitch should be covered in ticks and tied to a fence outside the jail.
    Fuck her and everything she stands for.

  2. Dogs raised by Democrats and injected with kill venom. Let Mark Levin put the little adorable lovelies on his show.

  3. Killer Dachshunds? Next they’ll be throwing chairs around a Waffle House.

    Check Youtube for “Dachshund Stampede” to see a cute pack of Doxies charging around a breeder’s backyard.


  4. OK but how did the little Shit’s eat Poor Tracy ?
    Did she have Jerky in her pocket ??
    Did she call them Short ???
    Did she eat from their Bowl ????
    Did she feed them Bath Salts ?????

  5. Meerkat. Levin is just too much on many things sometimes. I still am a half assed fan until he starts screaming at the top of his voice.
    Then I shut him down.
    I like his dog shows but I don’t like packs of wild dogs. I’ve seen them They are fuckin’ nasty and dangerous .

  6. Tommy,
    Fuck Levin. I listened to enough of his shit on the radio during the transition, after Trump had won, where he had his loyal retarded crowd calling in. He didn’t start backing Trump until his ratings were going negative. He doesn’t get it. Fuck him. I’ll never listen to a damn thing he has to say.

  7. I’m with you Brad, except I quit listening to him during the primaries. To be perfectly honest I never could listen to him often because his screaming always annoyed me.

  8. Word is she said “What’s up, dog?” just one too many times and drove those little shits crazy to where they attacked her.

  9. Anonymous- Yeah, I didn’t think they were on the Dachshund side, either. Earlier story had them being Pit bulls. Truth is, everything is getting blamed for this except the woman who was responsible for this whole incident. She’ll probably get community service, and in the meantime, a family is missing their person and innocent dog breeds will suffer the bad publicity.

  10. I grew up with several Dachshunds. They are strong-willed, tenacious fighters. Any dog bred to fight badgers underground in the dark has got brass balls.

  11. I have 2 of them, both males, combined they weigh maybe 32lbs. I have crates by the door to the garage which we use to primarily access the house. Whenever I have someone in the house, like the culligan dick this morning, the doxies lose it. They do not like strangers, especially when they’re crated. Dachshunds were bred to hunt and “dispatch” badgers in packs. I have no doubt that a team of them could take down larger animals or people. Their head shaking when they get a piece of something is straight up vicious!

  12. We have a rescue, Rosco, he is Dachshund/Terrier, he has had his ass handed to him twice by the Great Dane across the street.
    $5K in vet bills later, he still bows up.
    He is more powerful than you would expect, solid muscle.
    He looks like a Doby mini low rider.
    When we moved here the yard was full of moles, they are gone now.
    Little guy plays with them like a cat with a not yet dead mouse.


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