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The Italian Chicken Dance

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  1. Oh Em Gee… I learned of the Chicken Dance from my Norn Iron MIL –who could cut a rug to this without getting up from her chair where she was nursing a wee port ‘n’ lemonade.
    (Was she subliminally insulting me like these here EyeTalians?}

    Lissen here, youse, to how it’s spozed to sound:
    dub dub dub dot You Tube dot com /watch?v=45CwJH-Kyl8

  2. Me again… Looking for a good Chicken Dance video for y’all and came across this. Cultural assimilation: Muslims channel Chas & Dave. Brilliant! You’re welcome.

    You Tube dot com /watch?v=t0zX8fr0Gko

  3. The wife’s grandmothers…

    One had seventeen (17) children, the other had eighteen (18), twenty-five of the thirty-five survived to adulthood, married and started their own families.

    Family get togethers could be or get interesting…

    As I referred to them as the Sicilian Hordes. Myself and one brother-in-law were the only non dagos. Him a polak and me the kraht.

  4. Oh I’m sending this to 2 aunts who married Italians and seem to forget the Irish side and to my friend who’s whole life is being Italian.
    They’ll get a kick out of this.
    Also, that’s how drag was meant to be.


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