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The Jab Screws With Your Killer T-Cells

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  1. Holy cow.
    I am not sending this stuff to my friends and relatives who have gotten jabbed.
    I pray to God that they are safe.

  2. It is NOT a ‘vaccine’ but a ‘DISEASE’ folks are being injected with. If it didn’t get them in the short run it will definitely in the long.

  3. He may be correct, idk.

    But also remember that many, many people put off going to the doctor during the first year of COVID. So the up tick in cases may be because everyone is playing catch-up with their appointments.

  4. Mass murder done as part of a massive grift would be just the style of the lizard people. Get the little people of no importance to hassle each other into jumping into the oven.

  5. When all is said and done, BFH’s early post of the CLOSE ENCOUNTERS excerpt (where Richard Dreyfuss takes off his mask to find the air is not poisonous) sums up the past two years of planned panic and misinformation.

    I think about that thread EVERY damn day.

  6. I wonder what will happen with recipients getting implants from vax’d organ donors with the reported spiked proteins found in many of the organs of the victims of Covid?

  7. @Thirdtwin, I read some of the book available for preview.
    Pgs 6-8 are enlightening.
    They admit this is about much more than health. It’s about running the world.

  8. I worry about the blood they’re allowing them to donate.

    This really doesn’t surprise me though I read an oncologist the other day who said he’s seeing cancer survivors of over 5 and over 10 years cancer returning at alarming rates like nothing he’s seen in his 30 years of oncology and all of them had been vaccinated.

    I still say so many would not have taken the death jab if they had not manipulated to covid death numbers and they had not killed so many with ventilators. I can’t find the article now but I remember reading an article where they collected the data on ventilator vs oxygen and/or steroidal therapy.
    76% worldwide where they could get the data died on ventilators. The country they had more trouble getting data was the good ol’ USA. Where they could get data it was anywhere between 60% up to 95%. Pre-covid the death rate after being put on a ventilator in the U.S. was 26%, worldwide 36%.

    If you get hospitalized with any respiratory disease that they call covid don’t let them put you on a ventilator and they will want to put you on a ventilator thanks to the government giving them a tort waiver when using the government’s approved therapeutics.

    I was looking at pictures this morning of the latest victim in my large circle this morning of happy days last year in the middle of all the crazy. Him circled around friends with no masks and free from covid, a year later post-vaccine he died in a hospital on a ventilator. The company he worked for pressured their employees to get it, even paying them $300 to get it.

    I’m getting sick and tired of seeing people die after getting the vaccine.

  9. First, I’d like to know who this guy is, as someone seated in a hair salon is not a readily identified authority on immune systems.

    Much like our politicians and the multitudinous administrative rabble on COVID in general.

  10. Blue, you’re full of crap.
    Wise up…that’s Fauci’s manicurist.

    You know how customers open up to their stylists.


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