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The Joe Biden Replacement Theory

The word on the hill is that Obama, Schumer and Pelosi are all conspiring to oust Biden.

The larger left says Biden “dint’ freeze” on stage at the Juneteenth thing they had yesterday. But everyone saw it and knows it, and the triumvirate is fed up and they want Joe out.


White House spokesperson Andrew Bates is denying that Biden froze in the viral video, calling it a ‘cheap fake memo’ being spewed by the media. 

But it seems no matter how much cold water the Biden campaign or Democratic Party throw on this raging fire of speculation, Americans will not be put off the Great Joe Biden Replacement Theory.

It’s the idea that somehow, some way the President will be swapped out as the Democratic Party‘s candidate ahead of the 2024 election.

‘Dropping out would be a big risk. But there’s some threshold below which continuing to run is a bigger risk,’ polling guru Nate Silver wrote on social media last week. ‘Are we there yet? I don’t know. But it’s more than fair to ask.’

Silver, founder of the website FiveThirtyEight, noted that Biden’s average approval rating had reached a new low of 37.4 percent. And chief among voter concerns is Biden’s age, which Silver concluded to be, ‘an extremely understandable concern, [as] Biden looks/acts his age and is a huge outlier to ask for the job until 86 [years old].’

Atlantic columnist Mark Leibovich cruelly stamped the President ‘Ruth Bader Biden’ earlier this month. 

That’s a reference to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who once angered some liberals by refusing to retire during Barack Obama’s presidency and subsequently passed away during Donald Trump’s term, allowing the Republican president to nominate a conservative justice.

And James Carville, the political mastermind behind Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns, said flat-out this month that Biden should not have run for re-election.

Now, a last-ditch effort by Biden’s backers to silence his critics inside the party may prove to be his ultimate undoing.

According to Democratic bigwig, Obama campaign guru David Axelrod, the Biden team scheduled one of the earliest presidential debates in history (June 27 on CNN) to prove to naysayers that Joe’s not going anywhere. 

But the gambit carries tremendous risk.

While an efficient debate performance by Biden could help rally Democrats behind him – a significant misstep would only stoke more replacement chatter.

Former Clinton advisor and polling expert Mark Penn suggested the CNN debate will be Biden’s last chance to reassure voters he fit for the job. 


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  1. Enough already with the bullshitting

    Obama, Schumer and Pelosi, Ryan, Romney, Johnson and the rest have been strategizing on who they are going to install. The Republican establishment roll in this charade is to make it look like…

    Oh, why bother? Anyone who is still operating under the conviction that the Republican establishment wasn’t just as involved in stealing the 2020 election is hopelessly naive at this point.

  2. Besides Joe Biden, our Democrat choices for President are :

    (select only one)

    (a) Hillary ‘Lock Her Up!’ Clinton
    (b) Michelle ‘8 Inch Dick’ Obama
    (c) Nancy ‘Tits On De Floor’ Pelosi
    (d) Gavin ‘Dumb and Gruesome’ Newsom.

  3. are his campaign funds ‘his?’ I don’t mean- does he get to keep them?
    If they are contributions to _his_ campaign, can they be given to a replacement? If he drops out and they want to give his donations to another, wouldn’t they be a contribution in excess of allowed amounts?
    I haven’t seen this asked anywhere else.

  4. June 27th is gonna be LIT.
    Still not watching – but I will certainly watch the highlight clips later.
    We will know by June 28th whether Joek is going to be the Dem nominee. But they have no viable candidates – and anyone other than KAM-a-la would be a slap to the entire diversity crowd.
    Ultimately it will be up to Dominion (by which I mean the various states’ vote counting machinery) to bring home a win for communism.

  5. What if Dr Jill doesn’t want to leave the WH? Will replacing Joek piss her off, will she then tell the world that it was Obama that was running the show, will she tell us some more secrets?

  6. What crisis will occur on the 26th that will cause them to say “The President needs to stay focused on the current emergency and cannot take time out for the debate?”

    Either that or he will be Hardinged.

    Speaking of Harding, it has been over 100 years. Weren’t they supposed to release the records? A long-standing rumor was that he was murdered by his wife.

  7. I’ve been saying for at least six months that he’s going to be nominated. The DNC bylaws say that they can pick a replacement if the nominee drops out between the convention and the election. This way they get to install whoever they want without the pesky voters getting in the way.

  8. The people in control of Jackass Joe are simply NOT going to just give away their power to someone strong. They’re going to continue operating behind a nuther cardboard cut-out puppet… either that or they’re just going to say: “Fuck it. we’re going full Totalitarian Communist, arm the aliens and we’ll have a full take-over with a 3rd world military government

  9. ” Speaking of Harding, it has been over 100 years. Weren’t they supposed to release the records? A long-standing rumor was that he was murdered by his wife. ”

    she musta found out about him hard dicking the chef between meals

  10. Nov 4th, 2024 will be curtains for Joe. When they come to take him away next January, assuming he doesn’t croak by then, he may be found hiding behind one, unless Dr. Jill steals them all first.

    The Big Question: will he walk out, or be carried out feet first?


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