The LBGT Sandwich Gives Activists Heartburn

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Marks & Spencer has launched an LGBT+ sandwich to celebrate Pride and raise money for charity, but it has been met with mixed reactions.

The sandwich, which is available to buy in the UK and Ireland, is filled with lettuce, guacamole, bacon and tomato — to fulfill the LGBT acronym — and comes in rainbow-coloured packaging. More

Activists within “the community” had no appetite for the new offering – Here

27 Comments on The LBGT Sandwich Gives Activists Heartburn

  1. …seems like a weiner that smells like fish, tastes like shit, and can be cut out of the bun after you get it would be more apropriate…

  2. The most revealing thing about this whole [sad] affair is how the perpetually aggrieved can always find new and novel ways to get offended. Even when someone on their side tries to make an effort and help, the gesture takes a backseat to feelings. There is no deed or statement safe, all can be misconstrued or malevolently interpreted to those looking to be offended. Miserable pathetic losers, the whole lot of them.

    MAY 7, 2019 AT 6:54 PM
    “What will the Muzzie queers eat ???”


  4. …since avocados look like testicles, you’d think smooshing them inti guacamole would be more of a feminist thing…

  5. “The LBGT Sandwich Gives…”

    I had to read that first line FOUR times.

    In my brain I was trying to reconcile an actual BLT and LGBT, and yes, extra mayo @Jimmy…

    #LGBTextraMayo – they can figure out what they can do with the M…

  6. Guacamole, gay.
    Lettuce, gay

    My only issue is with bacon. Bacon isn’t gay. It never has been. Bacon is so hetero it makes pork chops look like a male figure skater. The sandwich should have been made with baloney instead.

  7. @Different Tim:

    Whats next? Mashed potatoes and gayvie?

    Make that chicken GBLT gravy.

    I haven’t pushed this in a while, but I’d like to see those four letters rearranged from the usual. GBLT is pronounceable – same as

    1. An unessential appendage. Obs.
    2a. sing. Garbage, entrails. Obs.
    2b. pl. rarely sing. The portions of a goose that are taken out or cut off before cooking, the liver, gizzard, etc., with the pinions and feet.
    2d. fig. (pl.) Things of little value, odds and ends. Now chiefly dial. †Also as a term of contempt applied to a person. (Cf. sense 1.)


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