“The Left Believes They Own Our Thoughts” – Young Black Conservative – IOTW Report

“The Left Believes They Own Our Thoughts” – Young Black Conservative


I do believe this young woman has identified the left as the modern slave owner. Walk off the plantation and you are given a high-tech lynching. The left feels as if they are entitled to black brains, and she wants them to “check their privilege.”

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Click to hear her rant.

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23 Comments on “The Left Believes They Own Our Thoughts” – Young Black Conservative

  1. Sorry, but i want to know how many weenies Barry stuffed into his mouth yesterday, cuz, wasn’t Mooch out shopping again??

  2. Wow. Great rant!
    She should run for office.

  3. Bitch. Slap. Su. Preme!!!

    And, BFH: you don’t have to question IF she said it. Before she said the thing about owning blacks’ thoughts, she actually said the Left thinks they own African-Americans.

    Ohhhh Yeah.

  4. If Barack HUSSEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama can adopt thugs as his ObamaSons then I am adopting this girl as an IronyCurtain Daughter.

  5. There IS hope. Countdown until she starts getting death threats from the left like CJ Pearson…

  6. Bravo, dear lady. Bravo! When you get tired of living in Detroilet, make your way down South. You might, just feel at home here.

  7. To see this from young people give me a bit of hope. For our nation to have a chance, these sort of kids have GOT to get a formal education.

  8. DEFINE “formal.”
    (for God’s sake, please don’t tell me
    you mean a Public Education!)

  9. Umm… a bit of concern, here. Why do you want to know “how many”? Don’t worry. I hate the sin and not the sinner.

  10. To deal with the devil, you have to know him.

  11. It’s not education when ‘they’ re-write history, say 2+2=7, teach 1st graders that there are no genders, push global warming as a fact, etc. That’s public indoctrination.

  12. She IS educated! She says so herself, and look at her shirt. I looked up Calvin College, and guess what?

    “Calvin College is a top-ranked liberal arts college in Grand Rapids, Mich. that prepares students to be Christ’s agents of renewal in the world. Through rigorous academic study and intentional Christian community, you will learn to think deeply, act justly and live wholeheartedly in everything that you do..”

  13. ….and one of the erquired courses is “Developing a Christian Mind.”

    The libs must be shitting their pants over this.

  14. @Moe Tom, totally agree.
    Somebody raised her right and gave her the self-confidence to think for herself.
    I also like how she’s not trying to be white.
    Natural hair, no nose-job, etc.
    Moose could take a lesson from her.

  15. As a black conservative, I am extremely proud of young black conservatives who are not afraid to speak the truth, like this astute young woman. Bravo!

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