The left desperately wants to sexualize kids… why?

Why are they subjecting kids to this?


A feminist art exhibit sparked outrage after photos surfaced of the installation’s artist undressing in full view of young children.

In a photo of the exhibit circulating on social media, European artist Mare Tralla is seen removing a robe as four young children stand nearby.

h/t child abuse…on steroids?

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  1. I got to see my mom streaking when she was 80 yes old. I didn’t want to see it, I can’t un-see it. One would think that even physics, would not allow some of the things that I saw.
    That’s what those kids are thinking.

  2. If a 125gr. .357 round impacts her pointy head, and we call the resultant splatter, “art,” would that be acceptable? >:-(

  3. Just a crazy who has bought into the right of craziness. Almost all Americans see this as it is. She/He should be arrested if he/she broke a crime. Also why is it always the ugly fats that do this? Why can’t it be the hot sexy models? Maybe because they are normal?

  4. There was a time in America where THAT is called FLASHING someone.

    That Vulgarity is NOT art. That is an unlawful infraction very worthy of prosecution cloaked as a work of art.

    Just look at the look on the young guy with the NASA shirt. Ya think he thinks this is bullshit?

    What the fuck does the Pat on the left put in her mouth??

  5. Because no one with free will would ever look at them voluntarily.

    In Canada that is called a “bush pig”

  6. The tweet stated the reason. Social engineering. If they can corrupt young minds they become susceptible to anything plus it will completely undermind a society through moral decay. A very old and reliable tool of commies. Lots of literature on it.

  7. “The left desperately wants to sexualize kids… why?”

    …because they’re pedophiles.

    …understand that paedophilia, like ANY form of rape, is more about power, dominance, control than it is about sex. There’s no more empatheic way you can prove you control another human being than by them not being able to prevent you from exposing them unwilling to most intimate contact, disease, pregnancy, and humiliation to satiate their most perverted lust.

    Leftist like children especially because they can domimate them both physically and emotionally, even get them to lie about the rape afterwards with threats everywhere from “you don’t love me” to fear of withdrawal of material support, to some confused notion of “love” the lefty cynically convinced them of.

    These things don’t work with emotionally mature, stable adults with their own resources, but work very well with children.

    Children don’t even understand the issue in many cases.

    One thing you learn if you spend any time with pediatric rape victims, is to NOT ask, “were does it hurt”, or “where did he hurt you”. Depending on what and how the child molester did, it wasn’t necessarily painful, and they may even confuse it into pleasurable because of the strange new sensations and all of the adult attention they are getting. If it’s a ‘parent’ doing the molesting especially, feelings of filael piety may trump the sense of “wrongness” especially since the ‘parent’ is unlikey to have taught the child they intend to molest much in the way of sexual morality.

    Some sickes don’t even wait until the infant is old enough to talk. Baby rape is a particularly nauseating subspecies of Democrat behavior that can do severe internal damage to the very youngest among us. Without getting into too many details, you learn to never take anything for granted: if there is an 18 month old presenting with signs of social diseases, like a syphilistic sore or rash, it may well be because some bastard liberal gave her – or him – syphillus.

    There is no bottom to human perversion. And no shortage of people who need to be exterminated because of it.

    …you see, there’s this problem with sin. Once you start ALLOWING sin, it’s pretty hard to know when to STOP.

    What’s the right amount of sin? What’s too much? Once the line is crossed, it becomes easier and easier for the pervert to go deeper and deeper in sin, and the descent to the reprobate mind can happen very quickly, all in the name of hedonism.

    …put another way, as the character of Claude Frollo put it in Victor Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, “When one Is doing evil ’tis madness to stop half-way. The extremity of guilt has its delirium of rapture.”

    …I seen a lot of stuff in the back of an ambulace, and had to transport child moslesters as patients who have run afoul of parents and/or police in the pursuit of their depredations. There is little, eh, “direct” action you can take as there is typically a police car following the ambulance closely in such circumstaces and the the sickos extant injuries are documented and a weird needle stick or misplaced scaplel would be tough to explain at the hospital…but you CAN get them talking. Some of them don’t see medical providers as potential witnesses against them, think some “patient confidence” makes it so you can’t testfy whatever they say in the ambulance (it doesn’t), or genuninely don’t believe what they did is WRONG. Get them talking, and you can get valuable information about how they may have injured their victim (in a different ambulance), if there have been OTHER victims, and basically get a confession that can be used in court later, as Miranda doesn’t attain if information is simply volunteered in a prehospital context.

    You can also get some disturbing insight into their mentality.

    More than one molester, in contexts from prehospital to courtroom, has been very frank that child rape is what they do, is who they are…and have admitted, even to judges, that if they get out…they will do it AGAIN. They have the highest recidivism rate of ANY criminals.

    …the only way to cure a child molester, to ensure that they will never do it again, is execution.

    …time to start curing them, one bullet at a time…

  8. There is a small fraction of the public that does this public nudity and pedophile-like stuff but there is a very large growing fraction that accepts it! Call out the accepting. We are never going to get anywhere with the crazy pedophiles! But call out those accepting this!

  9. …This is probably the best explanation, since it comes from God…

    “28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

    29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

    30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

    31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

    32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”
    -Romans 1:28-32

  10. Because carnal knowledge is unnatural for kids – just like voting for demonrats is unnatural for everybody.

  11. Female version of Bill and Hillary’s BFF, Epstein. After repeating the Lord’s prayer about a jillion times, that part about LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION begins to take on major significance.

  12. To destroy traditional marriage and the nuclear family – something they hate about the

  13. Sexualizing children sets up a psychological control through pronography and physical abuse to manipulate any behavior desired. It’s so intrinsically linked to the soul for purposes of human procreation. Pubescent children and teens don’t have the development to adequately deal with the complicated consequences of sexual activity.
    So, evil deviants, identified mostly as leftists use sex as their primary weapon to pervert childhood solely for control. A sexually abused, confused, corrupt child can be convinced to compromise any moral limitations.
    Just what the left wants to insure their agendas define society.

  14. Conclusion: When these sexually abused children grow up they will be more inclined to implement deviant leftist agenda due to the perversive manipulation in childhood.

  15. The young lads get an early introduction about the true necessity for whiskey….it’s educational…..

  16. Her FUPA totally covers her genitals. Those poor boys will be traumatized for life at the sight of that land whale. Did you notice the silicone breasts, butts, and vulvas on the table. She is a fat perverted pig.

  17. 99th Squad, it didn’t just happen. It is a planned agenda. But not by Christians who are the targets for this satanic evil. Jesus accused them of being the offspring of the devil, and they hated Him for speaking that truth.

    The Architects of Evil
    “The main aim of this subversive school of thought was to destroy traditional moral values and “make life impossible” for everyone, ushering in a new age of nihilism and sexual decadence.
    The Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism was predominantly a Jewish movement established in Germany in 1923 during the heyday of the Weimar Republic. This was when Germany was at its weakest and most sexually decadent after the catastrophe of WWI and the iniquitous Treaty of Versailles. This had turned the country not only into a vassal state of the Western powers but into a stomping ground for Jews who owned vast amounts of property here and ruled the roost in almost every profession. ”

    “To further the advance of their “quiet” cultural revolution, the Frankfurt School made the following twelve recommendations — all of them calculated to undermine the foundations of society and create the dystopia we now see all around us:

    1. The creation of racism offences and hate speech laws.
    2. Continual change to create confusion (e.g. in school curricula).
    3. Masturbation propaganda in schools, combined with the homosexualization of children and their corruption by exposing them to child porn in the classroom.
    4. The systematic undermining of parental and teachers’ authority.
    5. Huge immigration to destroy national identity and foment future race wars.
    6. The systematic promotion of excessive drinking and recreational drugs.
    7. The systematic promotion of sexual deviance in society.
    8. An unreliable legal system with bias against the victims of crime.
    9. Dependency on state benefits.
    10. Control and dumbing down of media. (Six Jewish companies now control 96 percent of the world’s media. LD).
    11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family.
    12. All all-out attack on Christianity and the emptying of churches.”

    12 Point Plan: Jewish Cultural Marxism: Out to smash Whites & Christianity…
    29th August 2018 jlamprecht
    [Graphic depictions]

  18. tRuth, I’m sure my comments did indicate the left’s perversion of children is intentional. You’re detail analysis is interesting, even though I’m personally well aware of the points in your statement.
    BTW, currently all of society, not just the favorite target of the left Christianity, is at risk. The left want all children to be their tools for their twisted purposes.

  19. One devious aspect of child abuse is that the abuser convinces the child that the child liked it and caused it.

  20. just take one look at pedophile John Podesta & you realize they want children as sex objects … it’s the ultimate control
    if people readily give up their children for reward (pleasure; as what is happening w/ trafficing of children along the border), they are quite easily controlled, as are their captive children

    the D’rats have moved beyond the mind control of Winston Smith & moved into the territory of Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ … we just haven’t recognized it yet (how else do you explain Antifa or what’s going on in our university system?) … & there is absolutely no push-back

    ‘The Matrix’ was a cautionary tale; today it is a happily embraced ‘reality’ to the younger generations


    If you do some poking around, the more prominent homosexuals will admit they were sexually molested or raped as children, and as a reaction, they aligned themselves with the same sex as a defense mechanism.

    All of the gays are deranged and sexually scrambled. They appeal to kids because they probably want to project sexuality upon them, like their rapist did to them, stealing their innocence.

    They all need doctors to cure them……or Muslims.

  22. This photo gives me hope! The first of the four boys thinks it’s stupid, a total drag, and doesn’t want to be any part of it. The second boy is stone cold, doing the thousand mile stare past the ceiling; he shall not be broken! The look on the third boy’s face says it all — it’s funny so we should all laugh. The fourth boy is looking down at the third boy, sharing the juvenile glee, also laughing. They all know they shouldn’t be there.

  23. G_d damn you to heck! I clicked on the link and for a second thought I was looking at a Michelin Tire commercial. Why are fat, ugly and perverted always what comes to mind when I here the term feminist?

  24. Maybe it was not an art lesson. Possibly it was a science lesson on the effects of gravity. The woman was baring herself to show that absolutely nothing can escape the power of gravity.

    Or, possibly she was showing these eager young students the concept of non-locality, which Einstein referred to as “Spooky things at a distance”. The horrible optic of her nudity caused extreme stomach disorders 10 feet away.

  25. The boy in the NASA shirt is thinking, “Not the kind of moon I was thinking about. That’s a moon no one ever wants to land on, I sure wish I had placed my headphones over my aching eyes before being forced to see that. The props on the table were more attractive.”

  26. I believe the image (shown above on this page) is part of this Web site here:

    which is written in Cyrillic (possibly Russian or Ukrainian). There are several more images of what appears as a staged propaganda event.

    Then, there is a video of the event at the bottom of the Web page (with apparent news reporters seen later in the video). The video writing looks like some sort of Eastern European language.

    It does not look like an American school. Look at the buildings outside the “classroom” window in the video, and the radiator system under the window. The doors appear to have two hinges instead of three (common in US housing construction) and/or the hinge spacing is unusual. Also, there are no “people of color” seen and the people appear somewhat Eastern European Caucasians.

    There are no student desks and could not make out the language spoken. Lastly, the electrical outlets in typical US construction are generally 12” to 18” from the floor. The outlets in this room were around three to four feet from the floor.

    Although, this appears to me being some kind of staged, anti-American propaganda event, this kind of thing is just absolute evil and abhorrent.

  27. Best comment to the vimeo video – if she did that at a nude beach where it’s legal, and access by minors restricted. Green Peace would try to rescue her.


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